shout out to Nana & Pop-Pop

Today I received a thoughtful e-mail from my MIL which may not have been much to her, but her words of appreciation made my day! One of the reasons why I keep up with our blog is because I feel that it is so important to stay connected with family. Family is #1 in my book and having the Armitage clan spread out across the country makes it a priority to update and share our lives with each other, even from afar.
I am so thankful for wonderful in-laws that don't drive me crazy! Stereotypically, some don't mix well with their in-laws, but that is not the case with me. Another plus, my family loves Andrew's family and vice versa. In fact, if our mom's lived closer- they would be trouble!
This post is for Nana & Pop Pop who we love and appreciate bunches and bunches!

Doo Doo, the Princess and Londie-Lou

Rarely can I catch the many hilarious faces that Londie makes on camera, but I was able to snap this at dinner time. She pulls this face whenever she is done eating and refuses to put anymore in!


Brendi68 said...

thanks so much Kacie and Londyn! that was so thoughtful of you! we love you guys!
your mom and me trouble??? NOT!

Armitage Home said...

lol OH you KNOW it's sooo true!

We love you too! Can't wait to see you soon!