It's a BOY!

No, we are not expecting a baby boy... but we do have a new addition to the Armitage fam. Meet Ollie! He is our handsome 1 year old lab/terrier. As most of you know we had to find a new home for Sumo (our first dog) about a year ago as we were new parents and could not give him the attention he deserved. We decided we are not ready for another puppy at the moment, but we do have some love to give a more established/trained dog that is in need of a home. We found Ollie through a local ad and just had to check him out. His previous family was so sweet and loving, which really sealed the deal because we knew Ollie came from good roots.

So far, we have discovered that Ollie loves to go for walks, chew on his toys and most of all, attention. He is very obedient and house-trained (a definite must) and kennel trained as well. When we leave the house, he stays in the backyard and at night sleeps in his kennel. He is such a good boy!
Since the day we met Ollie, he has been extremely attached to Andrew and never leaves his side. When Andrew leaves his sight, he mopes around until he returns. We love that he has bonded with Andrew but on the other hand, Londie Lou has shown some jealousy which is hilarious and cute all at the same time. Andrew is so popular in our home nowadays! He's definitely getting more cuddles from Londyn since Ollie has come into the picture.

Even though Ollie is almost 50 lbs. he is as sweet as a little pup. He is so cuddly and just eats up all of the attention he can get.

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