Nana Brendi Visit

Nana Brendi is here visiting us and we are having a blast! Even though Andrew, Londyn and I are fighting colds, we have managed to fit in some fun activities. Brendi arrived on Thursday and since then, we have eaten at some of our favorite places (Mashitas, Olive Garden & Pho Thai), went to the Portland Intl. Raceway to see the lights, did some shopping and best of all... lounged around at home watching the princess.

It's always so relaxing and fun having Nana here to help and play with Londyn. We still get another day with her and will be sad when she leaves. Boo. It won't be long until we see her and the rest of the Armitage clan in June!

So far, Nana has taught LJ how to blink (so cute) and the words "kitty" and "meow".

Londie Lou loves to look at books and especially saying/repeating the names of all the objects in her books. Here she is hamming it up for Nana's camera.

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