The three of us have been nonstop sick the last few weeks and are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are tired of being tired and unproductive! I managed to watch an entire season of Army Wives in one full day, haven't eaten a full meal in who know's how long... and probably get the worst mom award for not really knowing what my child ate or occupied her time with over the last 72 hours.

Earlier this week, I took Londyn in to our pediatrician to confirm an ongoing sinus infection. Dr. Rollins prescribed an antibiotic. The antibiotic has done wonders and Londyn was back to her silly sense of humor again. The only setback was the worst possible side effect of the antibiotic. My mom and I were running some errands on Tuesday and stopped at Carl's Jr. for lunch. Londyn decided to fill her diaper. When we were finished eating, I got her out of our booth to change her diaper and all of my senses were mortified by POOP... everywhere! I quickly wiped everything down and then took her to the restroom. Now, I'm going to get on my soap box for a brief moment here as I was beyond disappointed... actually APPALLED that Carl's Jr. lacked a changing table in their bathroom! SERIOUSLY?! That should be illegal. This realization led to a bazillion paper towels being laid down on the cold public bathroom tile floor and then entering total and complete mom territory. Between my mom and I, we were wringing out soiled clothes, using wet paper towels and baby wipes to tackle the mess. Luckily, Londyn had worn her hot pink trench coat, which passed for an emergency outfit.
Later... that same afternoon, Londyn woke up from her afternoon nap and little did I know, a "mom moment" was about to occur when I went in to get her. I opened the door to the nauseating odor of... yet again, POOP! Lulu decided to get creative with the brown medium and finger painted her crib, blankets, sheets, walls... and even herself. Again... SERIOUSLY?! It's even worse to think that this isn't even close to the last time I will have to witness an event like this... that's motherhood.

By now you have already thrown up a little in your mouth and then quickly clicked the tiny "x" at the top of the page... but if in the chance you haven't, I am relieved to share that the kid is back to as normal as she will ever get and even when I was feeling and looking like death this week, she was the best medicine.

On a lighter note... although this stage of transition from a needy baby to an independent-hungry toddler has been trying, I am loving the person Londyn is becoming. I can't help but admire her personality, quirks and sass.

{off to church}
{finally some sunshine}


Brendi68 said...

Love the pics! Especially the one from behind! So cute!

Erika and Bryan said...

I too have witnesses the painting with poop and I dont have kids. It was my first but I am sure that when we have kids it wont be the last with our combined creativity. Cant wait though!