Londyn Lately

So... I just have to blog about how stinkin' cute my kid is.

Lately, she...
... says "hold you" when she gets shy or upset.
... says, "I count!  Two... B... six... eight!"
... know's the difference between what a letter and a number look like.
... when asked how old she is- says "B!", "three!" or "six!"
... when asked, what's your name- she says someone else's name and then giggles.
... is going through a phase where she hates taking a bath or shower.  To avoid raising the "stinky kid" we go to lots of parks with water features.
... is getting so BIG!  She wears a size 3T in clothing and size 6 in shoes.
  ... is constantly saying things are "cute" or "cool"
... takes 4-4.5 hour naps, daily.  (That's right.  Be jealous.)
... starting to really play with friends instead of just side-by-side play.

Between our little veggie garden and the massive ones at Grandma and Auntie Nell's houses, I have really enjoyed watching Londyn explore watering the plants and picking the fruits and vegetables.  Her newest fascination is zucchini.  Ours aren't big enough to pick yet, but she loves to help gather the "cchini" in Grandma's garden.  The way she says "cchini" makes me smile so much!

Lulu loves strawberries but only the ones that she picks off the plants.  She gets so excited!

Some of my favorite time spent at home as a family is when we hang out in our backyard.  This last Sunday, we spent the evening relaxing in the yard.  Andrew built a fire in the firepit and we had fun setting off some small fireworks from the 4th of July.

Daddy's little cheerleader

Ever since I can remember Londyn starting to talk, she does this cute thing where she shakes her head and says mama...dadda...baby... and pretty much anyone else she is thinking about.  It's hard to explain but we can never get it on camera!  Finally we got a glimpse.

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Oh my gosh...she's so stinking cute!!!!