Wiggin' Out

Ever since I started torturing my hair in beauty school, my locks just haven't been the same.  I have tried and tried to grow it out, but have failed poorly.  Not to mention my hair has really thinned out since my first pregnancy.  I am constantly backcombing my hair because A. I love big hair and B. I'm always worried that I am looking bald!  We all have our insecurities right?

Being in the early stages of pregnancy, doing my hair every morning is such a chore.  

Which leads me to... the wig.

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to a local wig shop to see if I could actually pull off the faux mane.  After trying on about a dozen looks, I finally found one that I really liked.  It is definitely longer and much thicker than my own hair.  Everyone in the shop, including customers- convinced me to just go for it!  I was really humbled as some of the people were frequent customers who experienced intense hair loss, due to chemo therapy and other diseases.  Suddenly, my hypochondriachal paranoia of balding was just silly.  Nevertheless, I made the purchase and have had a lot of fun with it!  Not only does it only take me 15 minutes to get ready in the morning, it's a super fun way to feel fabulous on those days when you wake up and say... "Seriously?  What am I supposed to do with ALL this?"

To make the wig last longer, I don't wear it every day... but I love when friends do a double-take because they barely recognize me at the grocery store or in Target!

If you are having more bad hair days than good or just curious about what a wig would look like, go to a shop and just try them on!  It's super fun and hey... you deserve it!

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Richard and Nicole said...

that's a wig?? wow i want one!