The Last Oo-rah!

Yesterday was Andrew's last drill and birthday ball with the United States Marines.  Monday, November 7th will mark as his 6 years of service in the Marine Corps.  Although I have not been with him since the beginning of his journey with the Marines, I have known him for close to 4 of those years and it has been such an eye opening experience for me.  I will never know what it is like to be in training or combat for war, but just being married to someone who does has given me so much respect and gratitude for those who have and continue to fight for our nation.  

{Last time seeing Daddy in his camis}

Andrew has countless memories, friendships, hardships and sacrifices from his time with the honorable corps and it will forever bless our family.  Every year, I look forward to attending the Marine Corps Birthday Ball in November.  Not only because I get to dress up and see my man in his dress blues, but because the event is always inspiring.  The speakers always leave you feeling like you are part of something big and that these men and women of the Marine Corps are making all the difference in the world around us.  

Last night's ball was no exception.  The messages were amazing as they highlighted the current state of the corps and memorialized the events of Pearl Harbor and 9/11.  The food was fabulous... why?  Because it involved my absolute favorite word, "Buffet"!  Yum yummmm yumm-o! And that wasn't even the best part!  When they started the music for dancing, only one older couple was out on the floor.  Andrew stood up and grabbed my hand to dance.  It was the first time that we got to dance since our wedding 3 years ago!  I loved how it was a couple oldie slow songs.  Then, the fast songs came on!  Now Andrew doesn't usually like to dance to fast music, but I saw a whole new side of him and we did the twist, conga line and even the Jersey fist pump with all of his friends.  We had a blast!

{236th Marine Corps Birthday Ball at the Portland Marriott on the waterfront}

It was a nostalgic evening with all the hugs, handshakes and goodbyes.  I don't think the change will really sink in for Andrew until that dreaded drill weekend approaches and he won't have to worry about writing emails or making phone calls, packing his gear, missing school, missing work and getting up at the butt crack of dawn to work his tail off all weekend!  

I am so proud of my husband and excited for this new freedom he has to fully focus on his career.  He has known what he wanted to do and be since he was 15 years old and now he will finally be able to do it!  
Congratulations Andrew!

Lulu & The Mrs.

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