Upcycle: Car Stereo Receiver

Andrew is ALWAYS in the midst of a new project.  Most ALL of his projects involve upcycling old electronic parts and pieces to make new and useful creations.  In this video he takes an old car stereo and turns it into a fully functional sound system for his workstation in the garage.

I am always amazed with the way Andrew's brain works.  I see an old computer and think "what a piece of junk"... he see's an old computer and thinks "Merry Christmas to ME!"  As a matter of fact, our neighbor Bobby was loading up an old big screen TV to be taken to the dump and we just happened to be pulling into our driveway at the same time.  It was the motherboard (haha... get it, motherload?  Uh oh.  Andrew's geek humor must be rubbing off on me)  of one man's trash is another man's treasure.

I am so glad that my husband can turn his talent into a hobby without breaking the bank!

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