Baby Zoe Update: Part II

Yesterday was completely and utterly exhausting.  I went to bed early and slept in until 9am... forcing myself to get out of bed and get ready for the day.  My mom and sis picked Lulu up and had a girls day.  They went to dance class, shopping and out for lunch.  I was jealous.  Doesn't that sound so much better than another trip to the hospital?  Londyn is one spoiled little girl and there is no question that she is loved.

My appointment was at 11am this morning and as I waited anxiously to be taken back to the ultrasound room, I silently prayed to handle the results.  My name was called and it seemed like everything was in slow motion as the ultrasound technician spread the gooey warm gel all over my belly.  I appreciated how she explained everything she was doing and looking for.  It's the worst when you're laying there in silence and you have no idea whether you're looking at a pocket of fluid or a hand.  She pointed out Zoe's hair, which I hadn't seen before.  When she would gently push on my belly, Zoe's hair would move in the water.  It was such a small and simple detail, but brought back that feeling of excitement for the new little being growing inside of me.

Now for the facts... my fluid level was at 6.5 yesterday and measured 8.9 today.  The preferred level is anywhere between 10 and 25.  Anything below 5 is more emergent.  So my current 8.9 is pretty dang good!  Her heart rate looked great as well, beating at a steady 144 bpm.  Following the ultrasound, I met with Dr. Flath to go over the results.  He said that I really scared him yesterday and he was pretty worried he was going to have to do a c-section today.  He is really pleased with where I'm at right now, but wants to closely monitor me through the home stretch.  I am scheduled to go in again on Tuesday for another ultrasound and exam.

I know I'm not in the clear, but I am relieved that little Miss Zoe has decided to cook a bit longer.  It was pretty nerve-wracking to sit in that hospital bed all day yesterday... with the slight possibility of having this baby NOW.  I realized just how unprepared I really am.  My bag isn't packed... Londyn's bag isn't packed... I still need to go shopping for all of the not-so-glam essentials for my super hot post-baby bod.  I have yet to finish organizing Zoe's room and purchasing the swing, boppy and mobile that I want to have in her hospital rooms during the extended stay.

I am not the only one with unfinished business.  Andrew has made up a long list of tasks he wants to accomplish over the next week, while he is on Spring Break before the baby comes.  He wants to re-tile the kitchen floor and finish a bunch of other fix-it projects around the house.

See what I mean?  We are SO not ready for Zoe to join the party... just yet!

Even with all of this garb in the back of my head, I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and a bit like super woman.  Still scared out of my mind, it hit me that yes, checking off all those items on our lists would be a perk but really and truly... it's all about getting her here.  All of those things can and will get done eventually, but if it is her time to have a birthday- I want to celebrate!

So there ya have it, folks. Whenever Heavenly Father decides to bless us with this beautiful baby girl of ours, I am about as ready as I ever will be.  Bring it.

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The Leiths said...

Glad things are looking good! Great attitude, she'll be here when she's meant to be! Love you!