Deals & Steals

I have been trying to gather the last few items that we need for Zoe when she comes home.  We already purchased a Sit n' Stand stroller on sale (saved $43.00... no big deal.) a week ago but just needed an infant car seat.  Infant car seats are so dang expensive... especially when Lulu was in hers for less than 6 months.  I found one on Craigslist for $35.00 ($95.00 NEW)... no accidents and it doesn't expire until 2015.

I also scored a super cute car seat/canopy set through a daily deal site.  It came with a slipcover, head support pillow, lap blanket, replacement umbrella AND a canopy.  This entire set goes for $175.00 and I got it for $39.00 with FREE SHIPPING!!!  I just love the print and how it transformed a ho-hum car-seat to quite a fashion statement!

I can't have Zoe going anywhere other than in comfort and style!

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