Sew Loved

It is tradition for my mom to welcome each of her grandchildren with a beautiful quilt, handmade with many hours of love.  I love Zoe's quilt so much, that I want one for myself!  I love the colors and the giraffe print couldn't be more perfect.  



I know it's not Mother's Day... but really, what is that all about?  Only one day of the year to publicly praise mother's for their sacrifice and in my mom's case "long-suffering".  Motherhood isn't easy, and I know it wasn't always rainbows and smiley faces while raising me and my sassy attitude.  So here's what I have to say about the woman who never stops being my mom and friend.  

My mom has always been there for me, through EVERYTHING and I always know that she loves me.  Zoe's condition is a trial for not only us but for our family members and friends.  I know how difficult it is to watch the ones you love struggle.  But for a mother?  It's painful.  My mom has done everything she possibly can to make our lives and this pregnancy the best it can possibly be.  

She is constantly offering her time and energy just to make me happy.  From a simple text to go out to lunch and just vent, hand delivering a case of Diet Coke... just because, retail therapy, watching Londyn when I have an appointment or just need a break, a meal delivered and pretty much anything else you can think to do for something... just to make their life a little easier.  Londyn and I aren't the only ones who benefit.  My mom even delivered some goodies for Andrew on Sunday to wish him luck before his finals.  The package included a case of energy drinks, mint oreos, a huge bag of Reese's candies and a sweet card of encouragement.  

Growing up, I always took my mom's generosity and unconditional love for granted.  Although she would deny it, she is one of the most Christ-like examples.  She teaches me to be a better wife, mother and daughter of God.  But one thing I love about her is that she isn't preachy.  She is real people and I love that about her.  She will kill me for blogging about this... but one of my favorite memories is skipping Relief Society when I was in high school to get a happy meal and Diet Coke @ McD's... discreetly eating our food in the parking lot, while talking and laughing about everything and anything.  

Some mother's would be intimidated or threatened by their adoptive daughter's search for her birth family.  But, not mine.  From the time I was young, my mom always encouraged me to search for my birth family and embrace my birth ancestry.  She has always hoped and prayed that I would find my birth mom, so she could thank her for completing our family.  

So there ya have it.  Thank you mom for putting up with me, laughing with me... putting up with my sarcasm (especially when you are the brunt of it), the hugs, the shoulder to cry on, your listening ear and most of all - example of faith in the Gospel.  

I love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know.

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Kelly(M&M) said...

What a sweet tribute to your amazing mom. I just love your family! They are just as lucky to have you, though. Good luck with everything Kacie. I have been following your blog and thinking of you and praying for you. The quilt is gorgeous!