He's at it again.

What do you get from the two pictures below? (A throttle control to a weed eater and an old drill battery)

If you said a homemade rocket launcher, you'd be correct.  His other projects were getting him no where and he needed a quick build to satiate the creative urge.  It's no surprise that Andrew likes to launch rockets ever since he was a kid.  He has always thought of different ways of launching the rockets rather than just using the supplied launcher in the kits.  So far this is Rocket Launcher 4.0 KISS (or Keep It Simple Stupid).  This is what the final launcher looks like with custom paint job, and he will soon be testing it, thoroughly.
It uses three switches that need to be on before the rocket will fire.  Each switch is also indicated whether it's pressed or not by the LED's on the side.  Here's what he'd say, "the switches are in series with the LED's in parallel between each switch so as to indicate each switches position while not interfering with the output, look I'll just draw it out real quick to clear it up..."

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