Londyn Joy: 3 years 11 months

My first born will be turning 4 years old in less than a month.  Lately I have found myself fighting with the time passing so quickly, missing my baby Londyn and enjoying every minute of this new stage as a little-big girl.  She is wise beyond her years in many ways and has her tiny tot moments as well.

I absolutely love when she speaks her mind... not saying what I want to hear, but just being herself.  Some of my favorites have been:
"Londyn and I!" - After hearing me say "Londyn and Me."
"I LOVE Facing Time" - in reference to Facetime
"Classical music is my favorite because it's what princesses listen to."
"I don't like boobs... they're all just sticking out!" 
"I want you to play with me because you're my special sweetheart." 
"you should really wear a bra at nighttime, mom... cause I don't like seeing that. "
"I love snuggling with you mama. You're so bumpy."
"That's just hilarious."
"mom, I like you a lot."

Song- Just Give Me a Reason by Pink
Book - Gracie
Color: Pink
Activities: Riding her scooter, dancing, singing, playing with friends

Londyn has loved preschool so much this past year that I didn't want her to lose that momentum over summer break.  I decided to continue working with Londyn on her studies.  We spend at least one hour, Monday-Thursday having preschool time.  I told Lulu that she could name our preschool whatever she wanted.  Without hesitation, she declared "Smarty Pants Preschool."  Clearly- she has no issues in the self-confidence department.  
I had Londyn help me come up with different themes for each week.  For our first week, we learned about the sun and lucky for us- it was a warm week and we played in the sun every day!  We start out each lesson with a vocabulary word, writing her name, phone number and birthday.  We then go over the letters in the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes.  After that we do workbook pages on letters, numbers, shapes and colors.  She loves workbook pages and is always eager to get a BIG red star on the top of each page when she's finished.  We end with sight words, a rhyme, song and then a game.  
Londyn LOVES to learn and I hope she can hold on to that passion for a very long time!  In fact today when we were all through with our lesson, I said it was time to sing our "goodbye song" (I love you... you love me... we're a happy family...) She put her famous pouty face on and said "Ughhh!  I don't want to say goodbye to school time.  I want to learn more!"  Seriously... where did this kid come from?

{first library card}

{picture day @ dance}

Londyn had her second visit ever to the dentist today.  Both times she has been so brave!  I can tell she is scared and uncomfortable but she powers through it and let's them complete the exam.  Dr. JJ is awesome and each time we have had an amazing experience with him and their staff!

This week's theme is Recycling, so I took Londyn to return 4 bags of cans and bottles.  She was hesitant at first because of the loud noise but quickly became Miss Independent.  She finished the job, grabbed the tickets and redeemed her hard earned cash!  

I could not love this little girl more if I tried.  I am truly blessed.

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Amber said...

Are you sure her name isn't mini Kacie?! She is your twin and the things she says remind me so much of you. She is a cutie!