23 months

I can't believe we have almost made it 2 whole years with our little sassy pants!  This last week, Lulu has really given us a run for our money.  She is constantly testing us or throwing a fit because she isn't getting her way.  I miss those fits when she would just whine and maybe cry a a minute or two.  Now, if it is even a tiny little issue, she throws her entire body on the floor or even into the door and kicks and screams, saying "NO!" over and over again.  

Oh the joys of parenthood.  

It's even more difficult because she is so dang cute.  It's really hard to be tough when she rolls her eyes and gives you that impish grin when she's standing in time out.  

We love our little stinker, but boy is she T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

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Marissa said...

Oh my goodnes, Kacie! Londyn is A-dorable, I can see why she has you wrapped around her little finger! So cute! I can't believe she is almost 2! I hope you guys are doing well! :)