In just a few days, it will be General Conference weekend. Not only is this time exciting because we get to hear from the Prophet and other leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but it is the exact weekend, a year ago, that I met Andrew. Most of you know our story... of how it all began, and yes- we did meet on Match.com. It was Conference weekend that we crossed paths online and started e-mailing while Andrew was in Iraq... just passing time in anticipation to return to the U.S. and I was wallowing in one of my many dating depressions in Provo... giving up boys... again. I figured checking out Match.com was harmless and in no way, shape or form... giving in to my hiatus from the opposite sex. We e-mailed and e-mailed probably getting 3 to 4 e-mails a day from each other. I like to think that I kept him going during those rough days in Iraq... (yeah right.) We planned on meeting when he got back to Utah... but no plans to date, let alone a relationship were mentioned. I went with my family on a cruise to Mexico... racking up a very sizable phone bill- making overseas calls (sorry Mom and Dad). We decided that he would pick me up from the airport when I returned... yes, my parents were concerned... but knew I would end up doing what I had my mind set to do... and I did! I made sure that my Mexico-tan was at its finest, wearing a coral dress, heels and a fabulous new lip gloss... I was ready to meet my prince charming. In his pictures he looked mighty handsome... but ya never know how talented these online guys are with Photoshop and other modern technologies. He was an hour late... because he was finishing up loose ends at the base and couldn't get away. I tried calling everyone I knew to ease the tension and to appear nonchalante when he arrived.
I can honestly say that when I saw him for the first time, he was absolutely the most handsome man I had ever seen. To top that, his smile was killer! We hugged and hugged some more... he grabbed my bags and we headed to his car. On the car ride home, he went to give me a high five... but I took it a step further and held his hand the rest of the drive. Then when we got to my apartment we talked forever... about everything... and then it happened. I offered to get him some water in the kitchen, he followed and just like in the movies, asked me to dance right there in the middle of my kitchen! While we were dancing, I got up on my tip toes as high as I could and layed a big wet one on him! I have never been afraid to go after what I've wanted and I'm pretty sure Andrew found that out on the very first day.
That night we decided to date exclusively as a couple. The next day we ran some of his errands... considering it had been 7 months since he had been on American soil... then went to Mimi's Cafe for our first date... followed by our drive home when Andrew told me he couldn't explain but, he loved me! The next day... "our second date" we bought a ring! Three days later... he proposed at the Thanksgiving Point gardens in front of the waterfalls.
.... One year later... we are happily married- sealed for time and all eternity, expecting our baby girl Londyn Joy in just 3 months, have our very first home and are still madly in love!
I can truly say that our Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways.
"Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father" 1 Thessalonians 1:3

Movin' On Up!

Welp, the move was a success! It all began on Friday afternoon when I, yes the LARGE prego lady went and picked up the UHaul myself. I was a big mama on big wheels! Andrew, Dad, Bec and Mikayla were fabulous in packing up the first load. We also packed up our vehicles with "stuff" and headed on over to the house. Just in time, the Christensen's, the Riquelme's and Brent Christensen all showed up to help with the movin' and groovin'. They quickly unloaded and headed back to Mom & Dad's for the remaining items. It went by so quickly and really was a smooth move.
Then... reality set in. We have moved. Now... it's time to unpack. Who knew we came with such baggage! Baggage galore! Luckily I have an Energizer Bunny for a husband and he just keeps going... and going... and going. He has done most of the work, as it took me a couple days to recover from the move. I was workin' up a sweat! For now, we are still settling in to our lovely abode and thanking our lucky stars for all the blessings we've received in the last year.
It is definitely a time of celebration for the Armitage family. We love each and every one of you and are grateful for all of your examples in our life.
Thank you family and friends.
P.S. Pictures of the house will be posted soon.

I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!

Sumo vs. The Belly

Sumo & Mommy

On Saturday we got the news from my sister that it just wasn't working out between her family dog Maggie and their new puppy Bronco. The two just weren't a good fit. My sister was looking in to finding a new home for Bronco and knew how much I've been wanting a puppy! Andrew, being the wonderful husband that he is... allowed a "trial run" with the puppy. But between you and me, he was in love at first sight with the lil' guy. We went through several different names: Sushi, Soy Sauce, Kikko (Kikkoman), Maki.... and landed on the golden name, Sumo. He was our lil' Sumo pup. As you can tell from the context of this post... it is in reference to the "past." With the move-in, and the baby on the way... Sumo just wasn't a good fit for our family at this point in time. I shed some tears... and some more tears... but ultimately it is the best decision. Overall it was a blessing in disguise to have the opportunity to have a puppy for a trial-period... and learn that at this point in time our focus is preparing our home and taking care of our baby.

Love you Sumo! We will miss you!
Cuddling... what Sumo does best.

Wannabe Batman

Sumo & Daddy


Moving Day!!! ... or weekend?

We have been working WORKING working towards our estimated moving day, all week long! It is such a relief to have finished all the renovating, cleaned the place, installed this and that, here and there... and now... as I blog, the carpet is being installed in our lovely abode-to-be. The carpet will be finished by this afternoon and then the MOVE will take place. I have rented a U-HAUL to transport our belongings from Mom & Dad's to the house. Oh boy, am I excited! We are planning to move everything this evening, distribute items to their proper place in the house... and then tomorrow, the chaos will begin- UNPACKING! Ahhh! I haven't quite hit my anxiety peak yet, but I'm sure it will form when the unpacking extravaganza begins.
As new homeowners we are worn out but enjoying the process! Yesterday, we got a lot accomplished and confirmed moving plans for this weekend. After pulling the last remaining staples from the floors, organizing our garage for the anticipated clutter that awaits, sweeping floors beyond my hearts content, making my 500th trip to Home Depot, picked out and purchased a dining table, assisted Andrew in the installation of misc. hardware and fixtures... and plain old growing a freakin' baby in my belly!!! I am exhausted. Besides the exhaustion and minor frustrations of being somewhat homeless for only 24 more hours... I am beyond thrilled and grateful for the blessing that has come into our lives. To be as young and newly-married as we are, with a lil' one on the way, a home of our own is truly a blessing. Somehow we are making it work and I firmly believe that our faith has brought us to this wonderful opportunity.
Thank you to all who have supported us through simple encouragement and also sweat-support, in helping us accomplish all that we have in just 2 weeks! It has been a roller coaster for sure, but the rush and newness of it all has been well worth it!


Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

Just a week ago tomorrow, we received the exciting news that our house became OURS! We have wasted NO time at all and got our contractor right in to get workin'. He has done such a fabulous job in dedicating long hours and detailed work to make our house a genuine gem in the rough. I'm especially pleased with the interior color we chose to paint the walls and ceilings throughout.
Here are some photos that I took today!
Hall Bathroom

Doors drying... previously a tinged yellow color

Master Bath

Master Bedroom


Our Absolute FAVORITE change... The trim that was previously an oak finish

Back Porch Light - Andrew installed today

New Exterior Lights - Andrew installed today

Real Deals: Home Decor

This morning, I tagged along with Bec to a home decor shop that she loves! She told me that they have super cute finds at very reasonable prices. With the new house taking shape, I can't wait to put my own touch on the space.
Check out the site for locations all over the U.S. :
Cute sign for the exterior entry $9.99

Unique lamps: Black/Gold $18.99, Red/Mustard $14.99


Girls' Night Out!

Come Join us for a

Girls’ Night Out

Date: Friday, March 20th

Time: 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Place: Rene Duricka’s Home

20378 SW Lavender Pl., Sherwood

On April 18th, many women from the LDS church and their friends will be gathering to serve the increasing needs of several charities in our area. In preparation for this event, congregations have been given a challenge to take $10 and increase it to help purchase needed items. We have decided to host a fun evening out for women and girls of all ages with services and crafts to purchase at very reasonable prices. There will also be activities and food available without a price because we want all to come and enjoy themselves without pressure to spend excessively.

Every penny raised this evening will be put toward the following charities: Meridian Park Hospital, Tigard-Tualatin Caring Closet, Boys and Girls Aid, Sherwood Police Department, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Avamere Rehabilitation Center in Tigard, and LDS Humanitarian

(these items are generally used for disaster relief and 3rd world countries).

Here are some of the activities that we have lined up:

**Vinyl Lettering Tile Projects and Custom Orders (see additional flyer)

**Affordable Haircuts ($5 for the younger girls, $8 for the ladies)

**Nail Painting with Flower Embellishments ($2 per set)

**Professional Face Painting ($2)

**Delicious Bake Sale (prices will vary)

**Mother/Daughter Portraits (or friends or whatever, prices TBD)

**Relaxing Massage (still in the works and prices TBD)

**Make Your Own Flower Hair Clips ($5 for 3)

**Lavendar Bath Products For Sale

**Big Screen Movie (Free!)

**Snacks and Goodies (Free!)

**Friends, Visiting, and Fun! (Free!)

Please come and enjoy some special time with your daughters, friends, and neighbors while helping some great causes!


It Ain't Over Til' The Fat Lady Sings

Londyn and I are growing quite rapidly at 16 weeks left to go! My hips are constantly sore and my lower back aches consistently. She is kicking and groovin' in my belly much more and Andrew can finally feel her moving. My body temperature is becoming an issue as I go from a popsicle to as hot as the sun in a matter of seconds! Cravings are pretty minimal... but VOLUME is the real issue. I find myself eating more and MORE as my appetite continues to grow. Chocolate/peanut butter ice cream is a fav and celery stalks with peanut butter on top is de-lish as well. My feet are beginning to swell and I find my them resembling Miss Piggy's more and more each day. I have also decided to transfer my OB care to a Nurse Practitioner/Midwife in the Providence Newberg Woman's Center. Her name is Nan Macy and I will be meeting with her for the first time on March 31st. My OB and I just weren't a good fit and I strongly feel that it is crucial to have a comfortable relationship with your health care provider.
We'll see how it goes with the Midwife!
Overall, I am a pregnant woman with roller coaster hormones. Everything evokes a dramatic emotion these days... whether it is extreme sadness or overwhelming goofiness. Either way, I continually thank my husband for all the patience and love he has for his crazy wife.

Home Sweet Home

We officially closed on our house and the WORK has begun! It is such a blessing that all went through and we really own our first home. The minute we heard the news that all was in concrete, Friday afternoon- Andrew and dad headed over to the house to tear out the more than disgusting carpet. On Saturday morning, the boys made a run to the dump and then we began cleaning the nicotine stained walls and ceilings. Boy, did that make a difference! We wanted to have everything ready for our contractor to begin with a clean canvas on Monday morning. Andrew also took down some of the fixtures and installed a new screen in the sliding door. We then went to Home Depot to pick up samples of our paint choices to test them out on our clean walls. Considering we have decided to paint the entire house and ceilings all the same color, we went with a warm neutral in the Behr brand: Clair de Lune. I'm so happy with our choice and can't wait to see the color come to life on our walls.

Here are some pictures of a work in progress!

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Guest Bath

3rd Bedroom
Londyn's Nursery
Downstairs Hallway
Living Room
Kitchen/Living Room

"Wicked" Night Out

From our past Valentine's Day posting, most of you remember that Andrew surprised me with tickets to see the famous Broadway show, Wicked. We attended the show on Thursday, March 12th and "fabulous" is an understatement! My niece Megan was able to come with us as she wanted to see it so badly, she purchased her own ticket and came with us. We definitely made a night out on the town of it and went to Romano's Macaroni Grill downtown prior to the show. It was de-lish! Then we headed to the show, found great parking and arrived just in time! We had amazing seats... which I might add- were very close to the Women's Lounge for a pregnant lady who just drank 3 diet cokes at dinner. The talent in Wicked was more than abundant. The characters are so vibrant and the story was filled with humor, romance and drama. I recommend this show to everyone! A definite must-see!
Thank you Andrew for a wonderful night!

H & S Company: 6th Engineer Support Battalion

On Saturday, March 7th, Andrew attended his first drill with the new unit here in Portland, Oregon. He got all snazzied up in his uniform and was lookin' good! Usually, with drill... in Utah, he would go and I wouldn't see him all weekend because they stayed overnight in the barracks on base. With the new unit, I wasn't sure what to expect... since it's so close, we were hoping they would let him come home at night. Fortunately- at about 8:30pm... my Marine waltzed in with a not so pleasant look on his face. UN-fortunately... as with everything in the military, there was some miscommunication and mix-ups. Both him and the new unit were given wrong information and it turned out that they were not prepared for his arrival. Andrew was given very little information to prepare him for the new unit, but was assured that drill started on the 7th... when in fact it started on the 6th... so he was a day late, and they told him the WRONG uniform... so he wasn't dressed appropriately. This was not the first impression he wanted to make and was frustrated by the end of a very long day. They asked him to come back in a few days to finish up paperwork and when he arrived for that... he was surprised to find out that the Marine Corps. never made record of our marriage within the system. This paperwork was made sure to be taken care of right away when we were in Utah as we didn't want anything to slip through the cracks. Of course... we can only do so much on our end. Andrew now has to find this documentation that is BURIED in our many boxes of belongings and re-submit it to the new unit.
All in all, it was an interesting way to transfer units. Let's just say... Andrew is counting down the days, months and years to be out of the Marine Corps.


House Update

Yesterday, Andrew and I met with a bazillion different contractors for painting, plumbing, electrical and heat/air. The one contractor that we really liked right off the bat was Michael Hunter of Hunter Construction and he was fabulous from the get-go! He is a general contractor and prepared an estimate for all the areas of work that we are in need of renovation. I received his quote today and was very pleased with the numbers! He's hired! It's definitely a good sign when you have a good feeling about them- and a definite perk when their quote is very reasonable! He said the job will take him a total of 5 days. I can't wait to get him and his crew in their to start the makeover process! And boy, do I love makeovers!


House Update

We are now inching into the process of renovating the house... and are researching contractors, comparing bids and getting excited about all the work to be done! We are so glad that the time is finally here to get our first house project started. Know any fabulous contractors in the area for painting, plumbing or electrician work- let me know!



Our house did not close today as we were told it would. We have made some progress though... much of the paperwork has been signed and we're just waiting on one more document to be prepared and signed. We are so grateful for "The Milne Hotel"... without them, we would be royally homeless at the moment. We know that these things happen for a reason and we are hopeful that we will have our home soon!

Recent Craigslist Finds

Kolcraft Cuddle-N-Care Bassinet:
Asking $60.00 - Purchased for $40.00
This bassinet was lightly used for one baby and kept in mint condition. I love it!

The vendor I purchased these outfits from gave birth to her baby girl at 10 lbs. 11 ounces. Her baby was so big, she couldn't even wear any of her newborn clothes!
That poor woman... lucky me!