House Update

Yesterday, Andrew and I met with a bazillion different contractors for painting, plumbing, electrical and heat/air. The one contractor that we really liked right off the bat was Michael Hunter of Hunter Construction and he was fabulous from the get-go! He is a general contractor and prepared an estimate for all the areas of work that we are in need of renovation. I received his quote today and was very pleased with the numbers! He's hired! It's definitely a good sign when you have a good feeling about them- and a definite perk when their quote is very reasonable! He said the job will take him a total of 5 days. I can't wait to get him and his crew in their to start the makeover process! And boy, do I love makeovers!


The Garver Family said...

Have I mentioned that you crack me up? No? Well, Kacie, you crack me up.

I hope things go quickly with the renovations. :)

The Porters said...

Yeah for the bazillion contractors! hahaha...I hope it all goes smoothly :)