daddy's little girl

Tonight I had the opportunity to help out at an event that my dad held as an evening to educate and discuss dental implants with his colleagues. All I really did was show up in a suit (I cleaned up quite nicely, as a matter of fact), welcomed guests and enjoyed the delicious grub!

The affair was at a hotel in downtown Portland, so on my way home I had a bit of time to think. Having a chance to review how the evening turned out, it made me realize how much of a stud my dad is. He truly is one amazing man. He gave a wonderful presentation and made the effort to connect with each of his guests throughout the evening. My dad has a way of making people feel special, like they are someone important and needed. He does so much for those around him and asks for nothing in return.

In my 23 years of being his daughter, he has acquired a long list of roles in my life. Not only is he my dad, but he is my bishop, my boss, my landlord, my financial advisor and of course one of my best friends. Among all of the many responsibilities that he has on his plate, he always has time to answer my calls and still be my dad. What a man.

I am one lucky daughter.

I look up to this man so much. Aspiring to be more like him, makes me a better person.
This was our father/daughter dance at my wedding.


drama queen

Londyn is getting to be such a big girl these days. Although she is so dang cute, she has been throwing lots of tantrums and fits lately. It was only a matter of time before the dramatic diva in her genetics started to come out, but I thought we had more time! Yesterday she was playing with a toy that she is very familiar with. She know's how it works and usually loves it. But after trying to get it to do something it couldn't do, she started to hit it and cry. This was of course, after she had been eating with her dad and out of the blue started pouting with tears welling up in her eyes for no reason. Today, I took away her pacifier while she was playing because clearly, she didn't need it. This led to a fit of her plopping to the floor, flailing her arms in the air, and crying hysterically.

This new attitude isn't really my favorite, but when she gives us that squishy face... we're sold. She's a keeper. I love our little "poo-doo pants."


outdoor remodel

I have such a handy man for a husband! He can seriously fix and build anything! If he doesn't know how, he learns and teaches himself. One of the top characteristics in a man that I always wanted was a hard worker. Sometimes ya get whatcha want after all!

Our plans are to improve our backyard and front yard with a patio, porch and landscaping.

On Saturday, Andrew began the revamp of our backyard! We've decided to utilize the space that we have and transform it into a more functional yard. This means a stone patio instead of the current wood deck that we have now, a small garden and a lawn instead of a bunch of weeds patched together to look like lawn. We have a lot of work ahead of us (translation: Andrew has a lot of work ahead of him) but I am excited for the end result! My husband loves having a project and turning shabby things into beautiful ones! Check out the progress so far!

Londyn loves watching Daddy work outside! She starts getting fussy when he's not in her sight!


day in the life of Londie Lou

Trying something a little new here... instead of getting the toys out of the toy box for Londyn to play, I brought Londyn to the toy box. I thought it was genius at first, until she started throwing the toys out of the box. One way or another... she's going to make me pick up her toys.

This girl loves to crawl... but of course, the princess doesn't like to get her precious stems banged up on hard surfaces, so she has developed the "bear walk" technique. On carpet, she crawls on hands and knees and on hard floors, she crawls on hands and feet.


frilly frock #2

Here is my second attempt at sewing greatness! This little frock is made out of a pillowcase purchased for $2.99 @ Marshall's. The embellishments are made out of scrap pillowcase fabric and grosgrain ribbon. It's not perfect, but I still love it!

My absolute favorite part of my sewing endeavors, is my adorable model! She makes everything look good!


Academic Andy-Roo

See full size image

Andrew got a 4.0 this last semester and made the Dean's List. He doesn't want to brag, so I will for him. He deserves the recognition for his grades! I am so proud of him! He works so hard at school and in his job. He get's an A+ for being a wonderful husband and dad! Congrats Hoobs!

D.C. trip

Andrew had the opportunity to travel with his dad and brother Jonathan to participate in the funeral service for his Uncle Gerry in Washington D.C. where he was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. What a wonderful experience this was for Andrew. He was able to meet Armitage family members for the first time, spend quality time with Pops and Jon and be a part of something great. Uncle Gerry made a difference in this world as a United States Marine. Thank you Pops A. for sharing this memory with Andrew!

Getting ready for the big day.
The service.
Home sweet home.


Easter Sunday

General Conference fell on Easter Sunday this year, which made the holiday even more enjoyable! We got to spend the weekend together, listening to the leaders of our church, cooking, eating and hanging out with family!

Today we woke up to surprises from the Easter Bunny. My Easter Bunny was especially generous with the Diet Coke and snacks! We then watched the morning session of conference, followed by brunch at my parents house with the whole family. Then we all watched the second session of conference, held the annual family egg hunt and devoured a big, tasty dinner together! We were lucky to have Andrew home with us for most of the day until it was time to go to work. Don't worry, I brought him home lots of leftovers!


miso hungry.

One would think that being of the "Asian Persuasion" would make me a sushi master. Unfortunately, this Korean just loves to eat this fine artistic cuisine! Over the years I have always wanted to learn how to roll my own sushi. Not until I married Andrew, did I meet an authentic sushi master, my very own MIL! Mama Brendi makes some mean sushi rolls and taught Andrew and I a thing or two a couple of year's ago. I'm ashamed to say that we haven't practiced our technique since that first experience. Mama Brendi gave us a sushi-making kit for Christmas and we decided to test our skills by making some today! We already had the nori seaweed, rice and rice vinegar. For filler, we used tuna fish and avocado.

This is a photo of my second attempt.

Thanks Mama Brendi (or should I say... Sushi Master)!