outdoor remodel

I have such a handy man for a husband! He can seriously fix and build anything! If he doesn't know how, he learns and teaches himself. One of the top characteristics in a man that I always wanted was a hard worker. Sometimes ya get whatcha want after all!

Our plans are to improve our backyard and front yard with a patio, porch and landscaping.

On Saturday, Andrew began the revamp of our backyard! We've decided to utilize the space that we have and transform it into a more functional yard. This means a stone patio instead of the current wood deck that we have now, a small garden and a lawn instead of a bunch of weeds patched together to look like lawn. We have a lot of work ahead of us (translation: Andrew has a lot of work ahead of him) but I am excited for the end result! My husband loves having a project and turning shabby things into beautiful ones! Check out the progress so far!

Londyn loves watching Daddy work outside! She starts getting fussy when he's not in her sight!

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Laura said...

Your deck is looking great! I can't wait for us to start working on ours this summer!!
I would LOVE to ask you questions about the phone. Will you please email at laura.longboardlarry@gmail.com
PS - I see you're from Sherwood - I have a friend that moved there recently!