drama queen

Londyn is getting to be such a big girl these days. Although she is so dang cute, she has been throwing lots of tantrums and fits lately. It was only a matter of time before the dramatic diva in her genetics started to come out, but I thought we had more time! Yesterday she was playing with a toy that she is very familiar with. She know's how it works and usually loves it. But after trying to get it to do something it couldn't do, she started to hit it and cry. This was of course, after she had been eating with her dad and out of the blue started pouting with tears welling up in her eyes for no reason. Today, I took away her pacifier while she was playing because clearly, she didn't need it. This led to a fit of her plopping to the floor, flailing her arms in the air, and crying hysterically.

This new attitude isn't really my favorite, but when she gives us that squishy face... we're sold. She's a keeper. I love our little "poo-doo pants."

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