I Feel My Savior's Love

 I feel my Savior’s love
In all the world around me.
His Spirit warms my soul
Through ev’rything I see.

It is this Easter holiday that I am overwhelmed with my Savior's love.  We are so blessed to have our family, wonderful friends and the Gospel in our lives.  It is beyond evident, that our happiness stems from the eternal sacrifice of our Savior.  He suffered and died for us so that we can return to him and our Heavenly Father one day.  
I am so grateful that I can be with my eternal family forever and always.

We started off the weekend with an egg hunt put on by the Woodhaven Community Church.  They had individual egg hunts for each age group, which was perfect for the little ones!  We went with our friends the Adamson's and the Hardman's.  Kai was sweet enough to let Londyn take a spin in his wagon... such a romantic.
The weather was breathtaking at 68 degrees!  The sun was so warm and refreshing.  It was a beautiful day!

Here's the crew walking to Stella Olsen Park for the egg hunt!

Londyn wasn't too sure about the egg hunt... she would reach down and pick up items and then hesitantly place them back on the ground.  The only thing she wanted to keep was some crackers she found.  It was a blast to have fun in the sun as a family!

We all slept in until 9:30am on Easter morning (that was a gift in itself).  I was so excited when I heard Lulu was awake so we could take her downstairs, but she woke up on the wrong side of the crib.
We finally got her to go downstairs and she eventually warmed up to her Easter basket.

I am pretty dang lucky to have such a beautiful daughter and handsome man in my life.  They are just too cute!  Grammy Milne got Londyn this super cute dress and I've been saving for Easter Sunday.  Andrew looked dashing as always in his lavender tie.  

Bishop/Papa Milne invited all of our ward members to extend an invitation to friends in our lives to attend our Easter service this year.  We had the best experience, because Andrew's friend from school made it very simple by asking us if his family could tag along.  We were so excited to have them and their 2 year old son Noah was a champ!  He was an angel child during the program!  Londyn on the other hand tried to run up to the stand and sit with Papa... she also made a point to go back and forth between me and Grammy a bazillion times... which eventually led to me escorting her in the hall for the entire second half.  How can such a pill and be such a blessing, all in one?

After church, we headed over to Grammy & Papa Milne's house for family dinner and the annual family egg hunt.  We had a delish meal of ham, cheesy potatoes, veggies, salad and homemade rolls.  Yummmm.  
Following dinner, the Dad's hid the eggs and candy while the kids anxiously awaited the hunting!  Londyn and Kyler got a few minute head start and then it was havoc after that!  It was so much fun!  After the hunt, all the kids examine their loot and trade for the best goods.
LJ loves her cousins!

Happy Easter!


Easter Fun & Friends

I have been feeling like I need to be a better mom and do more to accomodate for the little world that Londyn lives in.  Some days I feel like I just expect her to fit into my to-do list, chores and schedule... when really, she is the reason I do all that I do!  Therefore, I have decided to be more patient, more creative and more loving.  

I decided to start this new goal by throwing an Easter Egg Hunt & Luncheon for some of Londyn's friends.  My goal was to not just invite MY friends with little ones, but to actually invite the kids that Lulu loves to spend time with.  We are so lucky to have so many fabulous families nearby that we just absolutely adore!  

I was shocked that everyone we invited was able to attend!  It was SO fun! 

I made PB&J squares & ants-on-a-log for the kiddos!  Everyone else signed up to bring a salad, fruit or sweet treat to share!


Londyn's 1st Easter Egg Hunt

Mom's & older siblings helped the little ones find eggs!

The only bummer was the cool temperature during the party.  Some of the kiddos were freezing, playing and eating inside to warm up!  Of course, Londyn wanted to be outside the entire time and even wanted to take her coat off.

Londyn is so lucky to have her cousin Kyler.  He always looks out for her!

Some of the kids checking out their loot!

We had such a fun time and can't wait to throw our next party, Londyn's 2nd birthday!


We spent the evening with friends, eating pizza and dying Easter eggs!  Andrew hadn't dyed Easter eggs since elementary school, so he went to town in the creativity department.  He made the landscape scene and the Humpty Dumpty egg... now that's what I call talent!


Domestic Diva

My seeds are sprouting!  I never thought I would be so excited to see little green things popping up out of soil, but I honestly didn't think that I could do it!  Obviously we still have a LONG ways to go... and I still have time to butcher the job.  But, I am still proud of my little sprouts!  I check them at least 3 times a day!

Not only is my sister teaching me about gardening, she taught me how to bake artisan bread!  As I have mentioned many times before, I do not bake.  Baking is just really intimidating to me and if it doesn't come in a box with the requirements of an egg, oil and water... forget it.  I'm not your girl. 
With that said, I was hesitant but wanted to impress my hubby by trying this so-called 5-minute Artisan Bread  recipe.  The title says it all and it really is just that simple!  Even though it is easy, I was still really proud of myself for starting and completing the task, successfully.  Usually when attempting to bake, I get side-tracked and either forget about it... leading to burnt goods or undercook it... leading to mush.  I'm telling you, baking and I just don't go together.  
Not only is this recipe easy and delish, it turns out so pretty and makes me look really good in the kitchen!

Thanks Jen for being patient with your little sis!


Gettin' My Craft On

It's Drill weekend... and a Field Drill nonetheless, which means we don't see Andrew for three days.  The saying,  "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is always on my mind when I'm flying solo on Drill weekends.  

It's funny because the only times I really get my crafty on is when Andrew is at Drill.  I think it's because I put off my domestic duties and just do whatever I want when he's gone.  I love being creative and have always been pretty good at it... but it's the mess that gets me every time.  I don't do mess well.

I don't usually decorate the house for holidays, except for Christmas because the clutter of decorations and stuff that isn't functional all year round... makes me a little anxious.  In this home, we just don't have the space to store seasonal items.  Although, when I get to blog surfing late at night... say when a certain Mr. is gone, my creative juices start flowing and I start bookmarking projects like a mad woman.  Usually I wake up the next morning and look at the long list of crafts I wanted to tackle a few hours prior, rub the sleepy stuff out of my eyes and come back to reality... asking myself, "what was I thinking wanting to get my craft on when I have a very curious 21 month old?"  Well, one of my Marine wife friends Laura is always posting amazing crafts and projects that she does WITH her daughters and she recently inspired me with some Easter/Spring ideas!  I am constantly amazed at all that she accomplishes and want to be just like her when I grow up! 
No seriously, she's a great mama!

Anyway, this first craft that she did was super easy and fun for Londyn to do.  We cut out flowers from an egg carton and beautified them with markers and stickers.  Then I attached them to some branches from my sister's yard (yes, with her permission) and made for an adorable bouquet!  Londyn had this very intense look on her face while coloring the flowers.  The not so great part is when she colored all over Grandma's furniture.  Awesome.  Not.  

The next craft, I did on my own... and I'm still not loving it.  I think it may just be that I raided my mom's scrapbook paper collection and the color scheme I came up with just isn't really "me".  All in all, it was super easy and will make a great decoration for an Easter party that Londyn and I are hosting next week!

Thank you Laura for sharing your crafty talent and letting me brag about you!


Londyn is just now starting to really grasp play dates with her friends.  Instead of the play date being all about mommy's visiting and playing alongside another kid... not really caring what they are doing, LJ is learning how to play together.  Sometimes she gets possessive over toys and activities, but overall she's doing pretty good.  I like having play dates not only to socialize but because Londyn is a very spoiled toddler with lots and LOTS of older cousins who oodle over her.  I'm afraid of her developing "only child syndrome" and becoming a little stinker!

Meet Addie!  Addie is almost exactly three months older than Londyn and they had their first official play date this last Thursday.  We met up at Storytime at the local library and then went to McD's for lunch.  The girls played so well and us mom's talked it up over our highly nutritious meal.  I get to serve with Addie's mom in Young Women's and we're always saying how we need to get the girls together but just never get around to it.  After this play date, we are thinking that this will become a weekly event!  Londyn and Addie have SO many little boyfriends in our ward and not enough girls their age.  
GIRLS RULE! (did I really just say that?)


Londyn Lately {21 months}

This little busy-body is constantly growing, changing and getting more fun with every day that passes!  She is constantly on the move with places to be and people to see.  She speaks and communicates thoroughly, understanding everything we say (whether she acknowledges us is another issue).

most used words/phrases:
No, mine! 
Ni Hao or Hao 
{her favorite show}
{Londyn wants to go outside every moment of the day and with the intermittent rain still coming down, she just looks out the window and says it over and over again.  We can't wait for Summer!}
{during every meal, LJ proceeds to fold her arms and remind us to pray... every few minutes we are asked to say another prayer}

Lulu has been trying hard to take off and put on her own clothes.  This is really interesting to watch when she tries to put her pants on her arms and her shirts on her legs.  Whenever I get her up from a nap or in the morning, she has no clothes on!  Silly girl.

She has always been independent but more now than ever.  I have noticed this when she's outside and she loves to tromp around EVERYWHERE... not caring where or who I am.  She loves to run away from me, especially in public.  She thinks its hilarious.

Londyn is also becoming quite the bossy-pants.  I think she's getting back at all the older kids that used to take her toys away (it never phased her and she would just move on to something else).  But now, when in nursery at church, play group or even during play dates, she is very territorial.  She will just yell at kids if they cut in line on the slide or shout, "No, MINE!" when they have a toy that she wants.  I fear these toddler years.  It's starting. I don't know how many times a day I tell her, "Not everything is Londyn's... we share."  I can see why she doesn't listen, because I'm sick of hearing myself say it.

One of the fun parts of this stage is that she loves to help... well, when she feels like it.  When we get home from running errands, she always wants to help bring in bags from the car (also a decoy to keep her from running away into the street).  She also helps me put clothes in the dryer and take them out when they are finished.  We are still working on how to load the dishwasher.  One of my favorites is giving her a baby wipe or wet rag.  She will use it to wipe everything and anything down around the house.  She will stay at it for at least 30 minutes.

Oh!  My favorite happening to announce is that LJ is down to one nap per day.  Why would that be exciting, you ask?  Two naps were great for a while... but this mom has things to do and when she was taking two 3-4 hour naps per day, I only had a 2 hour window of time to be productive outside of the home.  Now we can actually go to more activities and get things done, because she's not snoozing ALL the time.

Although the tude is overwhelming at times, this stage is super fun.  In the evenings, Andrew and I spend 20-30 minutes just watching her be Londyn.  I love that time of the day.  We sing songs, make funny faces and tickle her until she probably pees her pants!  I love my Lulu-pants.


Sow in LOVE

Remember our backyard when we first bought our house in 2009?

After some Spring outdoor cleaning, our yard is fully functional (minus all the rain and little sunshine)!  The new grass and plants that Andrew planted last Summer are doing really well!  We spent the last couple of weekends getting it ready for Spring/Summer fun!

Saturday night, we had friends over and all sat around the fire pit roasting s'mores!  Our yard is officially my favorite part of our home!

Our newest project is our first attempt at gardening.  With the economy, food prices are going up and if we can grow our own fruits and veggies for pennies, why the heck not?!

Last year we planted blueberry bushes and this year we've planted strawberry plants.  

Andrew built this fabulous grow box out of cedar wood.  It is 8x5 ft. and if we have a successful garden this year, we might extend it to a bigger size for next year.

I am growing my own veggie starts (with the guidance of my green-thumbed sis Jenelle).  In our window sill, sit 13 plastic cups.  I am growing lettuce, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes and radishes.

Londyn's Got Talent!

Londyn and I attended two talent shows last week for my nieces Mary and Emma.  Mary sang and Emma danced!  They were awesome!  

Before the shows started, Londyn kept escaping to the stage.  When the show started, I wasn't sure how she would do... but I should have known that if there was music, she would be just fine.  She kept trying to steal everyone's attention and turn the spotlight on to herself.  Typical LJ.

She does have some pretty sweet moves. 


Chalk it up to IKEA

Last weekend, we took a trip to IKEA. It was so nice to go for the IKEA experience, without a time constraint or any specific purchase in mind. Of course, we couldn't walk away from IKEA without a few things... but the most successful buy was a children's table and chairs for our play room.

It was a perfect family outing... but I must say, my favorite part was the 99 cent breakfast!

As for the table... we had genius plans to use chalkboard paint to create a dual tabletop and chalkboard. It's fabulous!


Londyn likes the chalkboard... almost a little too much.

The only downfall is that LJ is obsessed with chalk now and it is EVERYWHERE!