Londyn Lately {21 months}

This little busy-body is constantly growing, changing and getting more fun with every day that passes!  She is constantly on the move with places to be and people to see.  She speaks and communicates thoroughly, understanding everything we say (whether she acknowledges us is another issue).

most used words/phrases:
No, mine! 
Ni Hao or Hao 
{her favorite show}
{Londyn wants to go outside every moment of the day and with the intermittent rain still coming down, she just looks out the window and says it over and over again.  We can't wait for Summer!}
{during every meal, LJ proceeds to fold her arms and remind us to pray... every few minutes we are asked to say another prayer}

Lulu has been trying hard to take off and put on her own clothes.  This is really interesting to watch when she tries to put her pants on her arms and her shirts on her legs.  Whenever I get her up from a nap or in the morning, she has no clothes on!  Silly girl.

She has always been independent but more now than ever.  I have noticed this when she's outside and she loves to tromp around EVERYWHERE... not caring where or who I am.  She loves to run away from me, especially in public.  She thinks its hilarious.

Londyn is also becoming quite the bossy-pants.  I think she's getting back at all the older kids that used to take her toys away (it never phased her and she would just move on to something else).  But now, when in nursery at church, play group or even during play dates, she is very territorial.  She will just yell at kids if they cut in line on the slide or shout, "No, MINE!" when they have a toy that she wants.  I fear these toddler years.  It's starting. I don't know how many times a day I tell her, "Not everything is Londyn's... we share."  I can see why she doesn't listen, because I'm sick of hearing myself say it.

One of the fun parts of this stage is that she loves to help... well, when she feels like it.  When we get home from running errands, she always wants to help bring in bags from the car (also a decoy to keep her from running away into the street).  She also helps me put clothes in the dryer and take them out when they are finished.  We are still working on how to load the dishwasher.  One of my favorites is giving her a baby wipe or wet rag.  She will use it to wipe everything and anything down around the house.  She will stay at it for at least 30 minutes.

Oh!  My favorite happening to announce is that LJ is down to one nap per day.  Why would that be exciting, you ask?  Two naps were great for a while... but this mom has things to do and when she was taking two 3-4 hour naps per day, I only had a 2 hour window of time to be productive outside of the home.  Now we can actually go to more activities and get things done, because she's not snoozing ALL the time.

Although the tude is overwhelming at times, this stage is super fun.  In the evenings, Andrew and I spend 20-30 minutes just watching her be Londyn.  I love that time of the day.  We sing songs, make funny faces and tickle her until she probably pees her pants!  I love my Lulu-pants.


The Leiths said...

how cute! sounds like she is so much fun! i hope she's sleeping better at night for you too!

Laura said...

I agree!! 1 nap is way better than 2!! We just made that adjustment too!!