Londyn is just now starting to really grasp play dates with her friends.  Instead of the play date being all about mommy's visiting and playing alongside another kid... not really caring what they are doing, LJ is learning how to play together.  Sometimes she gets possessive over toys and activities, but overall she's doing pretty good.  I like having play dates not only to socialize but because Londyn is a very spoiled toddler with lots and LOTS of older cousins who oodle over her.  I'm afraid of her developing "only child syndrome" and becoming a little stinker!

Meet Addie!  Addie is almost exactly three months older than Londyn and they had their first official play date this last Thursday.  We met up at Storytime at the local library and then went to McD's for lunch.  The girls played so well and us mom's talked it up over our highly nutritious meal.  I get to serve with Addie's mom in Young Women's and we're always saying how we need to get the girls together but just never get around to it.  After this play date, we are thinking that this will become a weekly event!  Londyn and Addie have SO many little boyfriends in our ward and not enough girls their age.  
GIRLS RULE! (did I really just say that?)

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