Sow in LOVE

Remember our backyard when we first bought our house in 2009?

After some Spring outdoor cleaning, our yard is fully functional (minus all the rain and little sunshine)!  The new grass and plants that Andrew planted last Summer are doing really well!  We spent the last couple of weekends getting it ready for Spring/Summer fun!

Saturday night, we had friends over and all sat around the fire pit roasting s'mores!  Our yard is officially my favorite part of our home!

Our newest project is our first attempt at gardening.  With the economy, food prices are going up and if we can grow our own fruits and veggies for pennies, why the heck not?!

Last year we planted blueberry bushes and this year we've planted strawberry plants.  

Andrew built this fabulous grow box out of cedar wood.  It is 8x5 ft. and if we have a successful garden this year, we might extend it to a bigger size for next year.

I am growing my own veggie starts (with the guidance of my green-thumbed sis Jenelle).  In our window sill, sit 13 plastic cups.  I am growing lettuce, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes and radishes.


Shauna Malia said...

That looks awesome! Andrew did a great job. I can't wait till Sini and I finally settle down somewhere. I've always wanted a garden... so jealous right now! :)

The Armitage Family said...

Thanks Shauna! I know what you mean about settling down. Even though we only plan on staying here until Andrew is finished with school, it is nice to be able to do whatever we want with it! Although, having our own home... means that we have to be grownups! And sometimes I wish we still lived in our little rabbit hole of a basement apartment in S. Provo haha Love you girl! I'm so happy for you and your little fam!