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At the beginning of this month I threw my very first baby shower for my best friend Erin Rowley. She is my kindred spirit and I would do anything and everything for this girl! I was so honored that she let me throw her shower for her and I had a blast doing it! I cannot wait to meet lil' Mr. Rowley! He will arrive any day now!

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Missing her.

This has been Londie Lou for the last 5 days... I miss my spunky lil' diva with pep in her step.



I thought Londyn's bug was slowly on the mend but her temperature started rising again this afternoon, accompanied by a lovely rash on her face, back & belly. How conveeeenient.
Grandma Milne went straight to the most reliable medical source for diagnosis. That's right, good ol' Google. According to many moms & medical sites, her symptoms sound a lot like a common virus called Roseola. Just about every one of Londyn's symptoms in the past 5 days was on the list for the Roseola virus.

It looks like we'll be heading into the doctor again tomorrow.


Loves for Londyn

Last Wednesday, Londyn went down for her usual morning nap and didn't wake up until 5.5 hours later with a fever of 102 degrees. The poor kiddo was miserable and it was only downhill from there. Friday evening, her temperature was up to 103.2 degrees with continuous meds and lots of rest. She wasn't interested in any food or fluids and was very dehydrated. I called her pediatrician and was advised to take her into the ER because she probably needed an IV for fluids.
The hospital staff was wonderful and funny enough, they remembered Londyn from our last visit with a nasty ear infection. This time she was in for what turned out to be a stomach virus. After 2 blood draws and 2 attempts at placing an IV, they finally got it and the kid perked up within 20 minutes. She was quite a trooper with all of those needles.

Already today, she woke up much more like her old self but still weak and with a loss of appetite. All she wants is her bottle. Londyn did play with her toys for the first time in several days, went out on a few short errands and even a long walk with me of garage saling in our neighborhood. This evening we played outside for a bit and watched daddy finish up his project.

Pit Stop

Andrew spent most of the day working on a fire pit in the back yard. I'm going to start calling him "Handy Andy"... catchy, don't you think?


Shine Like the Top of the Chrysler Building

When I was about 6 years old, we lived out in the country and I only had one neighbor girl that was my age. We were playing and she asked me, "what was it like being in an orphanage?" I asked her if she had seen the movie "Annie" and she said yes. I told her that it was just like "Annie." I explained to the neighbor girl that all of us orphans had to scrub floors and clean, while dancing and singing. She totally bought it.
Good Housekeeping Tip:

Always keep several get well cards on the mantle... so if unexpected guests arrive, they will think you've been sick and unable to clean.
I have a secret. I am a closet "selective cleaner." So here I am, coming out. My name is Kacie Armitage and I only clean the downstairs level of our home. The downstairs is mainly where we spend our time. The downstairs has the bathroom most used and it is where we eat, lounge and have visitors over. It makes perfect sense in my mind.

Now... the upstairs is a nightmare. I avoid the upstairs at all cost, aside from catching my Zzzz's and getting ready in the morning. Other than that, the upstairs is just a pit stop in my day. I hate cleaning the bathrooms upstairs and I absolutely despise the laundry that accumulates upstairs.
The only positive to the upstairs level is our bed.
Our bed = A heavenly experience.

So there it is. My dirty laundry (literally) for all to see.
My fabulous in-laws are coming to visit next week for 6 days and I have been putting off the lengthy task of tackling our nasty upstairs. Cleaning the upstairs genuinely gives me this anxiety that I can't describe. It's just overwhelming. When I was living under my parents roof, I always had the same issue with my room. My mom would sit in my room and coach me through the piles of clothes that found residence on my bedroom floor. But, I am the mom now and must overcome this monster of a mess!

Last night, I stayed up until midnight cleaning toilets, scrubbing the tub, vacuuming, mopping and of course, collecting Diet Coke cans placed in more corners than necessary. I even installed the decorative black toilet seat that we registered for at our wedding... it was just collecting dust in our hallway closet.

Being productive feels so good... and clean too!


Daddy's Girl

Londyn forgot to get her dad a gift for Father's Day... so she made a last minute decision to surprise him at church today! During Sunday school, she was restless as usual and Andrew and I were taking turns walking with her and following her around the chapel. She was fascinated with the stairs to the stand and on her way there, she stood up and took two steps right before our very eyes! At that moment, we were very proud parents!

I hope Andrew cherishes this special holiday as much as I do because I truly feel that Father's are something to be celebrated! In about a week and a half, Londyn will be a year old. It seems like just yesterday, I was in the hospital for hours and hours... awaiting our daughter's arrival. Throughout my pregnancy, Andrew was always very supportive and loving but I never knew quite how he would react to the new addition of a baby girl. During our long and exhausting 43 hours of labor, Andrew was already an amazing father because he coached this mother to the end. He was so sweet and compassionate in that delivery room... constantly rubbing my back, staying awake with me, getting me ice chips and just being my husband. I always knew he was going to be a wonderful dad because all of his nieces and nephews adore him, but it was when Londyn was born and I saw the sheer joy that came from this man, that I knew. When he held her for the first time, it was an emotion I cannot describe.

Andrew is such a loving and fun dad. He is always making Londyn laugh and tickles her until her eyes water. He is responsible, caring, a great teacher, hard working, funny, a family man and constantly sacrifices for our well-being. I am so proud of him and lucky to have him as my man and baby-daddy. Love you Homeboy!


Do you want fries with that?


Since I was a kid, I have always had a close relationship with french fries... especially McD's. They just call my name and say EAT ME! Not only are french fries a constant craving of mine, but they are a pastime. Growing up, my mom and I were always on the go with my brothers and sister, so an easy trip through the drive-thru was a treat... and that's where it all began, french fries and me. My mom used to say "you eat so many french fries, you're going to turn into one!"

I am proud to say that Londyn is following in my tastebuds and LOVES a good fry!
Yesterday, she ate an entire small fry. You might be thinking... what kind of mother is this chick? The kind that lives her dreams vicariously through her child.


All week I have been planning to surprise Andrew on Friday for Father's Day since he will be at work on Sunday. All he knew was that we were leaving at 6:15pm and to wear a comfy-cozy ensemble.

Before I left for work, I dropped Londyn off for her first sleepover ever! She got to spend the night with the Christensen girls and of course, she had a blast! She partied hard... because when I picked her up this morning, we got home and she went right to sleep in my arms. Those Christensen's sure know how to part-ay! THANK you ThAnK YoU thank YOU Jenelle, Megs, Kay, Jen & Sam!!!

After I was finished with work, I ran some last minute errands to make this surprise as sweet as possible! Before we left, I told Andrew to keep his eyes closed until I told him he could open them. Needless to say... he wasn't thrilled about this instruction but eventually gave up. I then drove to Red Robin to pick up our take-out order for his FAVORITE burger in the whole world... and then headed down to Newberg to see Toy Story 3 & Prince of Persia at the 99w Drive-In. I parked smack-dab in the middle of the lot and told him he could open his eyes. I then set out a card table and two fold out chairs with our burger feast. After our meal it started to get chilly, so we decided to set up camp in the car. I had brought blankets and lots of Andrew's favorite snacks, including a much needed Rockstar energy drink for the late night ahead.

Toy Story 3 was awesome! We loved it! As for Prince of Persia... I fell asleep about 10 minutes into it, but Andrew said it kept dragging on and on (kind of like this post). We didn't get home until about 2:30AM which is one of the latest dates to record for us (lame... I know). It was a blast to just spend time together, just the two of us.

Andrew is such an awesome dad. He deserves to be pampered and loved!
Happy Father's Day Mr. Armitage!


Missing him.

Andrew finished Spring term with another A to add to his transcript. Also, he is officially enrolled in the Electronics Engineering Technology program at PCC and will be starting in the Fall! I am so proud of him for working extremely hard to maintain good grades, while juggling work and being the man of our house!

For the Summer, Andrew is working full-time for the warehouse he has been with for the past year.. I am thoroughly grateful for the job that he has, since work is not easy to come by these days. The only setback is his schedule. He works nights... starting at 4pm and isn't finished until anytime between 2am & 4am or even later. He went back to full-time this last week and it has been upside down and totally backwards! The poor guy goes to work... drags himself to bed, wakes up around noon and then has just a couple hours to himself before he gets ready to do it all over again.

This isn't the first time he has worked a schedule like this before, but it takes a while to get used to. As for Londie and I, we miss him tons but know that sacrifices have to be made.
I am truly blessed to have a hard working husband that has the drive to provide for his family.

My husband is constantly teaching me by example that sometimes we have to do things that we don't want to do... not just because we have to, but because it is the right thing to do.


Lady & the Tramp

Yesterday was my brother Kevin's birthday and we had a family cookout up at the Milne farm. It was a beautiful sabbath day, filled with sunshine and yummy grub. The Milne farm is one of my favorite places to be in the summer. It is always so relaxing and care-free when we're there with the kids running and playing, and all the adults gathered together... laughing and catching up.

Unfortunately Andrew wasn't able to be there because of work, but we sure missed him! It's never the same at family events with part of my little family missing.

As for our lil' lady, she had her first experience on the trampoline! Londyn adores her cousins, but most importantly... she has them each wrapped around her precious little finger. Clearly, she has them eating out of the palm of her hand!

Sole Sisters

Today Londyn and I met up with my sister Jenelle and two of my nieces, Megan & Jen to go shoe shopping at Target. Megan has hit a major growth spurt and needed some new footwear in a bad way! Of course, they beckoned me for my expertise in the shoe department.

Londyn welcomed Jen's company and continuous entertainment.

And last but not least... The shoe industry has finally come to it's senses and named a shoe after me! As flattered as I am, they clearly did not do their research as I should be named after an exotic red pump with sexy hardware or maybe even a strappy wedge for the Summer heat. But no, they named a "sneaker" after me. This is wrong in so many ways and on so many levels. For those of you that know me, I am not athletic and have no desire to be athletic.
Nevertheless, the industry is heading in the right direction.


Cheese please.

This is an extremely cheesy post. Read at your own risk.
After the first three months of newlywed bliss, we were delighted and frightened to find out that we were pregnant! Yes, we were trying... but nonetheless, the news was a shock. Having met, married and started our family so quickly... the mass amounts of cuddling and mushy stuff was overshadowed by the reality of morning breath, peeing with the door open... giving birth and hormonal outbursts. Even through all the chaos in our first two years of marriage, I am head-over-heels in love with my husband.
We are approaching on our 2 year anniversary in a month or so and lately I've been reflecting on our time spent together thus far. Our lives together have been on fast forward up until now and we are just starting to stop and smell the roses.
Marriage is by no means easy. When I was a young woman, I dreamed of a future with my handsome husband and adorable kids. I can honestly say my dreams are coming true, but the work to get there is a daily feat.
Every day isn't always rainbows and picket fences in the Armitage home, but no matter what... it is days like today that I live for. Nothing particularly special happened today... no Hollywood romantic date or lavish gifts were given. But, when I went to work this morning... I couldn't wait to get home and see my man and my daughter. I got to take a nap with the Mr. before he went to work and ever since he left for work, I have been excited for him to return.

It's the one you love who turns those normal... average days into great ones.

Our first date @ Mimi's Cafe in May 2008


Learning Londyn

With our fickle Oregon weather these days, Londyn is getting tired of the same ol', same ol' around our house. Recently, we have received some hand-me-down baby doll items from Aunt Rebecca and found some fun toys at garage sales but these don't last long for our go-go-daughter. Londie Lou is a kid on the run and is constantly going! She loves to go out running errands and seeing new things. I don't blame her. I get anxious too if I stay home all day!

Ever since Londyn was a little baby, she has been fascinated with the television. I have heard and read so many negative things about babies and tv, so we try to limit it to one or two shows per day. She loves Baby Einstein, Baby Can Read, and anything with animals or music. It's exciting to interact with her and the prompts on the shows. She gets so happy and often mimics what the characters or people are doing.

She also loves books but only lasts a few moments at a time. Her favorites are books that have pictures of animals and babies.

It's amazing to watch our little one learn new concepts every day! We have been working on walking while holding hands. She used to get lazy and plop down on the floor after a few steps and now she is getting really into it!


11 Months

The last 11 months have flown by! I can't believe Londyn is almost a year old. She is filled with spunk, attitude and sass. She is cute... but boy, is she trouble!

Londie Lou loves to...

...throw huge fits when not being entertained.
...stand from a sitting position all by herself on random occasion.
...scream, cry and roll over when getting dressed or her diaper changed.
...climb up shelves, the fireplace and tv stand.
...say... "Mamama" "Dadada" "Bababa" & "Nehnehneh"
...drink milk out of a sippy cup... but only when held by Mom because that would mean she would have to tip the cup upward (heaven forbid).
...eat anything and everything. New fav: Pretzels
...fake-laugh when others are laughing.
...woo complete strangers by making them smile (she's a total ham).