11 Months

The last 11 months have flown by! I can't believe Londyn is almost a year old. She is filled with spunk, attitude and sass. She is cute... but boy, is she trouble!

Londie Lou loves to...

...throw huge fits when not being entertained.
...stand from a sitting position all by herself on random occasion.
...scream, cry and roll over when getting dressed or her diaper changed.
...climb up shelves, the fireplace and tv stand.
...say... "Mamama" "Dadada" "Bababa" & "Nehnehneh"
...drink milk out of a sippy cup... but only when held by Mom because that would mean she would have to tip the cup upward (heaven forbid).
...eat anything and everything. New fav: Pretzels
...fake-laugh when others are laughing.
...woo complete strangers by making them smile (she's a total ham).

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Laura said...

Oh my goodness!! What a doll! It's been so fun to look at your blog and see Londyn grow up! She is adorable!!