Loves for Londyn

Last Wednesday, Londyn went down for her usual morning nap and didn't wake up until 5.5 hours later with a fever of 102 degrees. The poor kiddo was miserable and it was only downhill from there. Friday evening, her temperature was up to 103.2 degrees with continuous meds and lots of rest. She wasn't interested in any food or fluids and was very dehydrated. I called her pediatrician and was advised to take her into the ER because she probably needed an IV for fluids.
The hospital staff was wonderful and funny enough, they remembered Londyn from our last visit with a nasty ear infection. This time she was in for what turned out to be a stomach virus. After 2 blood draws and 2 attempts at placing an IV, they finally got it and the kid perked up within 20 minutes. She was quite a trooper with all of those needles.

Already today, she woke up much more like her old self but still weak and with a loss of appetite. All she wants is her bottle. Londyn did play with her toys for the first time in several days, went out on a few short errands and even a long walk with me of garage saling in our neighborhood. This evening we played outside for a bit and watched daddy finish up his project.

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The Lathrop's said...

glad little miss Londyn is feeling better :)