Daddy's Girl

Londyn forgot to get her dad a gift for Father's Day... so she made a last minute decision to surprise him at church today! During Sunday school, she was restless as usual and Andrew and I were taking turns walking with her and following her around the chapel. She was fascinated with the stairs to the stand and on her way there, she stood up and took two steps right before our very eyes! At that moment, we were very proud parents!

I hope Andrew cherishes this special holiday as much as I do because I truly feel that Father's are something to be celebrated! In about a week and a half, Londyn will be a year old. It seems like just yesterday, I was in the hospital for hours and hours... awaiting our daughter's arrival. Throughout my pregnancy, Andrew was always very supportive and loving but I never knew quite how he would react to the new addition of a baby girl. During our long and exhausting 43 hours of labor, Andrew was already an amazing father because he coached this mother to the end. He was so sweet and compassionate in that delivery room... constantly rubbing my back, staying awake with me, getting me ice chips and just being my husband. I always knew he was going to be a wonderful dad because all of his nieces and nephews adore him, but it was when Londyn was born and I saw the sheer joy that came from this man, that I knew. When he held her for the first time, it was an emotion I cannot describe.

Andrew is such a loving and fun dad. He is always making Londyn laugh and tickles her until her eyes water. He is responsible, caring, a great teacher, hard working, funny, a family man and constantly sacrifices for our well-being. I am so proud of him and lucky to have him as my man and baby-daddy. Love you Homeboy!

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