Lulu Moments

We've had lots of sun these last couple of days and so today I decided to head to Snyder Park for some fun in the water and sand!  To our dismay, it was pretty cool weather with a breeze... but, that didn't hold Lulu back from digging right in!

I don't know where Londyn learned this but she started plugging her ears today.  She thinks it's hilarious and is still figuring out how everything sounds when she plugs her ears and then takes them out.  Who knew that selective hearing could be so dang cute?!

Armitage Reunion

We are still recovering from our fabulous Armitage reunion in Michigan!  We got as many families as we could in attendance, and had a blast!  Our days were filled with food, sun, lots of activities... and more food. We made memories that will last for a lifetime!

Our flight departed from Portland around 7am and after a layover in Minneapolis, we finally arrived at around 5:30pm in Traverse City, Michigan.  Londyn was a trooper, although she was adamant that she have her own seat and since she won't be turning two for another week, we milked the free airfare!  She kept saying  "my chair, buckle and SHARE!"  Her new thing is sharing... meaning, everyone should share with her!

Andrew's oldest sister Steph and her husband Doug welcomed the whole fam damily into their home.  We invaded their home with 7 little ones, big meals, lots of laughs and lounging around.

Isn't he cute?

Doug is a rescue swimmer for the United States Coast Guard.  We are so lucky to have such an awesome example and hero in our family!  He took us on a tour of the air station where he works.  Everyone loved it!

Embarassing moment... LJ's diaper was so full, it just fell off... and she didn't quite know how to feel about it.

My favorite activity was hanging out at the lake.  We got to check out the dunes (which I was pretty impressed that I climbed) and play in the water.  The boys were crazy enough to take a swim in Lake Michigan.  Us girls just stuck our feet in the water.  The kids had a blast!

We got to explore downtown Traverse City, visiting lots of little shops, downing some bomb burgers & fries and then walking off the calories for a couple hours in the beautiful sun.

One of the main reasons for our visit was because Andrew's oldest nephew Tyler graduated from high school.  I had never met the Lathrop family and had so much fun getting to know them!  The Lathrop boys were always goofing around with Londyn and she ate up all of their attention.  
We are so grateful to have gotten to celebrate Tyler and his graduation.  We got to attend his grad party and partake of Doug's "crack"... his famous mint chocolate brownies.

As most know, my favorite thing to do is eat out and when on vacation, it was a dream come true!  We got to try several yummy places.  Here we are at the Blue Tractor.  Delish!

Traverse City has the most amazing community park I have ever seen.  Needless to say, the kids were in heaven!

We love and miss everyone so much and look forward to getting together with everyone next year!


23 months

I can't believe we have almost made it 2 whole years with our little sassy pants!  This last week, Lulu has really given us a run for our money.  She is constantly testing us or throwing a fit because she isn't getting her way.  I miss those fits when she would just whine and maybe cry a a minute or two.  Now, if it is even a tiny little issue, she throws her entire body on the floor or even into the door and kicks and screams, saying "NO!" over and over again.  

Oh the joys of parenthood.  

It's even more difficult because she is so dang cute.  It's really hard to be tough when she rolls her eyes and gives you that impish grin when she's standing in time out.  

We love our little stinker, but boy is she T-R-O-U-B-L-E!


My sister-in-law has a family membership to OMSI and invited Lulu and I to tag a long for a fun day of exploring and playing.  I wasn't worried about Londyn enjoying it because she loves to just GO, go, GO!  She loves her cousin Kyler and he is so good with her.  He really protects her and makes sure she is okay.  Thanks Bec and Kyler for a fabulous day!