{Retail Therapy}

Today, my mom treated us girls to a shopping trip and lunch! It was such a treat to spend time with my mom, sister and sis-in-law. I love these women and they are such amazing, strong and beautiful examples to me! I hope to be just like all of them someday!

We scored big time, shopping 50% off at Romy in the Bridgeport Village outdoor mall and then enjoyed a delish lunch at PF Chang's. I had my favorite, the lettuce wraps, egg drop soup and for dessert we all split a few orders of the Flourless Chocolate Dome Cake... I am still licking my chops from that one.

Londyn and Kyler were angels... considering it wasn't the most kid-friendly outing. Although, right about when dessert arrived... so did Londyn's attitude. She was done and officially hit the wall. But that doesn't mean she wasn't interested in the chocolate... there's always room for chocolate.


Nerds are HOT! Part II

In February, I bragged about how hot my nerdy husband was... but little did I know... there was a sequel in the works.

Over Spring Break, Andrew was determined to take his makeshift computer speakers to the next level. With a can of spray paint, a bunch of doo-dads and lots of time... he turned a novelty ammo can which once held bullet shaped chocolates into a piece of work! I am seriously so impressed. This nerd stuff really is hot!



That's my man!


Balloon Friend

Today we went to Red Robin for lunch and LJ got a "bwoon" as she calls it. You would think this pink balloon was her best friend because she won't do anything without it. She even ate her whole dinner while holding "bwoon" the entire time.

Here she is watching Sesame Street, determined to white knuckle her balloon friend.
Such a silly girl.


Family Day Date

Andrew is off from school this week for Spring Break and it has been SO nice to have him home during the day! Although we have to say farewell in the evenings when he goes to work, it has sure been a treat to have him around. On Monday, we made an overdue Costco and WinCo run (which I can't manage to survive without the Mr. present). On Tuesday, Londyn got to spend most of the day in jammies with her Daddy while I was at work. Andrew is so good. He watched Londyn for 6 hours and then went to work until 10:30pm!
As for today (Wednesday), we decided to go on one of our family date's. Family date's are my favorite because we get to do something special, spend time together and of course... go out to eat! We decided to try out The Portland Children's Museum for the first time and it was super fun! There was lots to see and do but we decided that it will be even more fun for Londyn when she's a bit older and can participate more. After play time, came a tired and cranky Lulu... with an empty belly to boot! On our way home, we hit up Buster's BBQ... it was finger-lickin' good!

I love my family!

{Curious George & The Dig Pit}

{Grasshopper Grocery Store}

{The Clay Studio}

{lil' bus driver}



The three of us have been nonstop sick the last few weeks and are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are tired of being tired and unproductive! I managed to watch an entire season of Army Wives in one full day, haven't eaten a full meal in who know's how long... and probably get the worst mom award for not really knowing what my child ate or occupied her time with over the last 72 hours.

Earlier this week, I took Londyn in to our pediatrician to confirm an ongoing sinus infection. Dr. Rollins prescribed an antibiotic. The antibiotic has done wonders and Londyn was back to her silly sense of humor again. The only setback was the worst possible side effect of the antibiotic. My mom and I were running some errands on Tuesday and stopped at Carl's Jr. for lunch. Londyn decided to fill her diaper. When we were finished eating, I got her out of our booth to change her diaper and all of my senses were mortified by POOP... everywhere! I quickly wiped everything down and then took her to the restroom. Now, I'm going to get on my soap box for a brief moment here as I was beyond disappointed... actually APPALLED that Carl's Jr. lacked a changing table in their bathroom! SERIOUSLY?! That should be illegal. This realization led to a bazillion paper towels being laid down on the cold public bathroom tile floor and then entering total and complete mom territory. Between my mom and I, we were wringing out soiled clothes, using wet paper towels and baby wipes to tackle the mess. Luckily, Londyn had worn her hot pink trench coat, which passed for an emergency outfit.
Later... that same afternoon, Londyn woke up from her afternoon nap and little did I know, a "mom moment" was about to occur when I went in to get her. I opened the door to the nauseating odor of... yet again, POOP! Lulu decided to get creative with the brown medium and finger painted her crib, blankets, sheets, walls... and even herself. Again... SERIOUSLY?! It's even worse to think that this isn't even close to the last time I will have to witness an event like this... that's motherhood.

By now you have already thrown up a little in your mouth and then quickly clicked the tiny "x" at the top of the page... but if in the chance you haven't, I am relieved to share that the kid is back to as normal as she will ever get and even when I was feeling and looking like death this week, she was the best medicine.

On a lighter note... although this stage of transition from a needy baby to an independent-hungry toddler has been trying, I am loving the person Londyn is becoming. I can't help but admire her personality, quirks and sass.

{off to church}
{finally some sunshine}

RS Birthday Dinner

This past Wednesday was our ward's Relief Society Birthday Dinner. The committee planning the event asked several women in the ward to decorate and provide eight place settings for a table. Each table was provided with a black tablecloth and the color palette of hot pink, black and white to run with.

With the event being more on the formal side, I dressed the not-so-formal standard church building chairs with crisp white chair covers and hot pink organza sashes. I started out the table with two intersecting satin runners, decorative black and creme boxes topped with a beautiful floral arrangement and hot pink frilly handbag. I then surrounded the centerpiece with an embellished hot pink picture frame, black dress form (from Londyn's room) and all different shades of pink faux pearls.

I used my everyday square white plates and borrowed gorgeous goblets and flatware from my generous mom. I then added a custom labeled votive candle and individual mini purse (Fortune cookie inside, adding a little touch of Asian flair) for each guest to take home.

I had tons of fun working on my table but I'm not going to lie, it was stressful. Nonetheless, I am blessed to have participated in such a fabulous event. The food was delish and the Spirit was strong. I am honored to work along side such talented women in my ward.


Bibimbap Baby

Londyn has always had lots of Asian food in her diet because I LOVE love LOVE Asian food! She has a great appetite and eats just about everything except fruit snacks and as of lately, grapes... weird, I know. The other day I had an intense hankering for Korean food and sushi, so us girls did lunch and went to one of my favorite teriyaki joints nearby. I have known the super sweet Korean family owners since I was in high school and that absolutely adore little Miss Lulu. I ordered bibimbap, miso soup and a california roll (I realize this is a lot of food for 1 1/2 people... so don't judge me. I needed my fix!) I didn't think Londyn would eat that much because she's usually to busy watching all the people at restaurants, but this was her first bibimbap experience and she thoroughly enjoyed every bite. She ate a ton! I had no idea a 20 month old would be so into sushi but my kid loves it! As for the miso soup, she's a slurper. What can I say? I guess she really is Asian.

Pigtails & Dancin' Shoes

LJ's hair has come a long way over the last 20 months as I never thought her hair would actually grow! She was such a baldy kid until about 14 months when hairs slowly started to pop up! Today was pretty momentous as I was able to put her hair in pigtails! So fun! I can't wait until the day we're doing french braids and ringlets!

If music is on, Lulu is dancing. When we're in the car, she bobs her head... if she's at Gma Milne's house, she always asks for the music to be turned on. She even know's what buttons to push on the CD player to get the music going. She loves to kick, march, tap, turns with ballerina arms, shake her booty and our favorite the "Londie-Hop" as my parents call her signature move. Here's just a glimpse of her groove... although she was in a tude so it didn't last long.