Family Day Date

Andrew is off from school this week for Spring Break and it has been SO nice to have him home during the day! Although we have to say farewell in the evenings when he goes to work, it has sure been a treat to have him around. On Monday, we made an overdue Costco and WinCo run (which I can't manage to survive without the Mr. present). On Tuesday, Londyn got to spend most of the day in jammies with her Daddy while I was at work. Andrew is so good. He watched Londyn for 6 hours and then went to work until 10:30pm!
As for today (Wednesday), we decided to go on one of our family date's. Family date's are my favorite because we get to do something special, spend time together and of course... go out to eat! We decided to try out The Portland Children's Museum for the first time and it was super fun! There was lots to see and do but we decided that it will be even more fun for Londyn when she's a bit older and can participate more. After play time, came a tired and cranky Lulu... with an empty belly to boot! On our way home, we hit up Buster's BBQ... it was finger-lickin' good!

I love my family!

{Curious George & The Dig Pit}

{Grasshopper Grocery Store}

{The Clay Studio}

{lil' bus driver}


Laura said...

OH!! that looks like so much fun!! I love it when JD is off and we can play!! I miss cute places like the childrens museum! Rexburg is all out-doorsy, and I'm not really, especially not in the winter time :) Your family is adorable!

The Armitage Family said...

haha I hear ya on not so out-doorsy! Camping is at a hotel for this girl. I wish you were here so we could do fun things like the children's museum with you guys! Love you, your blog and your family! xoxo