Bibimbap Baby

Londyn has always had lots of Asian food in her diet because I LOVE love LOVE Asian food! She has a great appetite and eats just about everything except fruit snacks and as of lately, grapes... weird, I know. The other day I had an intense hankering for Korean food and sushi, so us girls did lunch and went to one of my favorite teriyaki joints nearby. I have known the super sweet Korean family owners since I was in high school and that absolutely adore little Miss Lulu. I ordered bibimbap, miso soup and a california roll (I realize this is a lot of food for 1 1/2 people... so don't judge me. I needed my fix!) I didn't think Londyn would eat that much because she's usually to busy watching all the people at restaurants, but this was her first bibimbap experience and she thoroughly enjoyed every bite. She ate a ton! I had no idea a 20 month old would be so into sushi but my kid loves it! As for the miso soup, she's a slurper. What can I say? I guess she really is Asian.


alittleyard said...

She is so stinkin' cute, Kacie!

Brendi68 said...

Thanks for the update on Miss Londie Lou Lou!! She is a riot!