Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was filled with warm fuzzies. Not so much gifts, but lots of love was given. Just the way we like it. Londyn was a doll and enjoyed all the tissue paper and wrapping paper. She was spoiled by family with toys and clothes. Londyn is a lucky girl. Andrew and I enjoyed every minute of the holiday. This was our second Christmas together as a couple and our first Christmas as a family of three. It truly felt like a dream come true. Most of all, we enjoyed family time.

The Three Wise Guys

New Dress
Are we done yet?
My two favorite presents
Londie loves her new purse
Of course not, Mom. I wasn't pulling the ornaments off the tree... right. uh huh.
When will my baby grow more hair?

buckle up.

Andrew has had some saved money burning a hole in his pocket and he's been itching to buy some new tools. Tools... really? What about a new outfit? Or... maybe a new outfit? It's definitely a guy thing... because I can't even begin to understand it. But, I love the big lug... so I will support his "need" to add to his growing collection of tools. We hit the Sears sale and Andrew found "the one." The beaut is a Craftsman 4 gallon, 125 PSI, 3/4 HP air compressor (whatever that means). He got an amazing deal on the lil' sucker! What I found to be HILARIOUS is that prior to our departure, he strapped and buckled up his new air compressor as if it were our second child.

That's my big-tall-white-man.


gingerbread houses + family = fun times

The Christensen's invited us to FHE at their home tonight for dinner and gingerbread house making. It was so fun and filled with the holiday spirit! There's nothing like rockin' out to Christmas tunes on the iPOD, frosting everwhere... tons of candy and a lopsided resemblance of a house made out of gingerbread. Unfortunately, Andrew missed out on the event due to work, but Londie Lou and I were fortunate to attend. I was lucky to have my nieces Megan and Jen help with our gingerbread house. Of course, we used the most candy out of all the houses!
Thank you Christensen's for a fabulous night!

late night moments.

Laughing with Daddy

Cuddling with Mommy


Londie Lou and a tooth cutting through

Londyn loves the sound of her own voice these days.
She is constantly babbling, screaming, razzing and laughing!

We also discovered today that Londie Lou has her first tooth cutting through! Now we know why she has been such a grumpy girl lately. It's amazing how much she has grown over the last 5 months! We are so proud of our baby girl.

cousin lovin'

Every year, the cousins do a gift exchange for each other with a limit of $10.00 to spend. We did the exchange at family dinner last night and it was so fun to see what each child had picked out for the other. This year, we did it by age, leaving Londyn and Kyler to gift each other. We got Kyler a little tool kit and Kyler got Londie her very first baby doll. Her baby even has brown hair and brown eyes like her. Thank you Kyler!

Happy Finals Week Andrew!

There's nothing like the smell of hot cinnamon rolls in the morning!

Today, Andrew had his first of two final exams and I wanted to give him a good start to his morning by surprising him with breakfast! Some fried eggs and hot cinnamon rolls were just the ticket! One more final tomorrow and my man is done with his second term of college.
I am so proud of my big-tall-white-man! Good luck babe, you rock!


Cabbage Stew Recipe


2 tablespoons vegetable oil

· 1 pound ground beef

· 1 large onion, chopped

· 6 cups cabbage, chopped

· 3 cups red potatoes, diced

· 2 (16 ounce) cans red kidney beans, drained

· 3 cups water

· 24 ounces tomato sauce

· 4 beef bouillon cubes

· 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin

· 1 teaspoon salt

· 1 teaspoon pepper


Heat oil in a large frying pan. Add ground beef and onion. Cook until beef is well browned and crumbled. Drain fat and transfer beef to a slow cooker.

Add cabbage, red potatoes, kidney beans, water, tomato sauce, bouillon, cumin, salt, and pepper. Stir to dissolve bouillon, and cover.

Cook on high setting for 4 hours, or on low setting for 6 to 8 hours.

Stir occasionally. Enjoy!

Yields 10 Servings



our lil' cutie... the Toshiba Mini Notebook NB200

Because... Andrew payed the big bucks 3 years ago to protect his laptop, we were able to take it in to the Geek Squad. It needed a ton of work and wasn't worth it to repair. So... drum roll please... they gave us our pick at a new one! We were given lots of options that were comparable but in the end, our want was a netbook. We were able to pick one out that has everything we wanted.

round 2.

Londie Lou and a snottie nose too...

Since we mastered the cold a month or so ago, it's not so bad this time. The poor thing can hardly breathe. That's the tough part. Even though it's just a cold, it's still hard to watch my little babe suffer. She's getting plenty of snuggles in her jammies, and regular doses of baby Motrin to keep mommy's sanity in check.

As for me, I have a really difficult time staying couped up inside the house... as I make sure to get out at least once a day. We got out yesterday morning but it wasn't enough. I think I'll bundle her up today and venture out into the real world... to pacify my restlessness! My favorite out-and-about place is Target. Londyn and I make a trip there at LEAST every other day, if not every day. We don't usually make any purchases, but just browse and get lost in all the fabulous things.You might think it's just Target... but to me, it's SO much more. It's my happy place. Once upon a time, I got a similar personal-high from Nordies. But times have changed as I am a frugal wife and mama now.
I wouldn't have it any other way.


5 months.

Oh, how time has flown by! Londyn is 5 months old and growing into the most adorable lil' girl!

She is...
slobbering, drooling and soaking her clothes and blankies.
putting everything and anything in her mouth.
in size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes.
blowing razzzberries and loving it!
chatting and laughing hysterically.
eating 8 oz. of soy formula about every 4 hours.
holding our hands and standing.
enjoying more tummy time.
...and much much more!

We love you Londie Poo-Poo Pants!