round 2.

Londie Lou and a snottie nose too...

Since we mastered the cold a month or so ago, it's not so bad this time. The poor thing can hardly breathe. That's the tough part. Even though it's just a cold, it's still hard to watch my little babe suffer. She's getting plenty of snuggles in her jammies, and regular doses of baby Motrin to keep mommy's sanity in check.

As for me, I have a really difficult time staying couped up inside the house... as I make sure to get out at least once a day. We got out yesterday morning but it wasn't enough. I think I'll bundle her up today and venture out into the real world... to pacify my restlessness! My favorite out-and-about place is Target. Londyn and I make a trip there at LEAST every other day, if not every day. We don't usually make any purchases, but just browse and get lost in all the fabulous things.You might think it's just Target... but to me, it's SO much more. It's my happy place. Once upon a time, I got a similar personal-high from Nordies. But times have changed as I am a frugal wife and mama now.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

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