buckle up.

Andrew has had some saved money burning a hole in his pocket and he's been itching to buy some new tools. Tools... really? What about a new outfit? Or... maybe a new outfit? It's definitely a guy thing... because I can't even begin to understand it. But, I love the big lug... so I will support his "need" to add to his growing collection of tools. We hit the Sears sale and Andrew found "the one." The beaut is a Craftsman 4 gallon, 125 PSI, 3/4 HP air compressor (whatever that means). He got an amazing deal on the lil' sucker! What I found to be HILARIOUS is that prior to our departure, he strapped and buckled up his new air compressor as if it were our second child.

That's my big-tall-white-man.

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Jadie said...

lol! that cracked me up!