Marine Life, Marine Wife

This weekend, Andrew had drill and was dreading it all week. The poor guy has finals and the stress of everything else... the last thing he wanted to do was go to drill. On top of that it was three days long... spent mostly outside, with a snow storm awaiting their arrival. I had lots of errands and tasks planned to keep me occupied, but on Friday night I couldn't help but sit in my own hormone-induced puddle of tears. It was occasional tears throughout the evening, but when he called me at 10pm when he was finally finished for the night, I just broke down. He handled it well, and although I'm sure the last thing he wanted was to sit on the phone with a weeping wife, he transitioned from exhausted Marine to sensitive husband in impeccable timing. I admire him so much for doing his duty even though it is so difficult for him.

The next couple of days weren't as tough. Last night I got together with the Marine wives, which is always such a relief. They know exactly how I feel, and help me to understand our husbands more. They are true veterans, having had babies while our boys were gone and lead their families with such strength in their absence. We were able to just talk. I love these women, and am so lucky to have been welcomed and guided into the life of a Marine wife.

Andrew was supposed to be home an hour ago, but one of the wives just text me and told me that they are finally on their way! Good thing I have his favorite Curry and peas on the stove, so at least he will get one satisfying meal this weekend.



On Thursday, the most interesting occurrence took place. This occurrence was the icing on the cake, that I am- officially "with child." We were at the mall, and while Andrew was making a secret Christmas-related purchase, I was in an accessories store, browsing of course. Then all of a sudden, the instant urge that a sneeze was coming- hit me! And then... it happened. I sneezed. Now this may seem like a normal, everyday incident... but trust me, this was not just any ordinary sneeze. It was a hefty sneeze, followed by an unexpected peeing of the pants! That's right. I said it. I peed my pants in the middle of the store, all brought on by a simple sneeze. It was at that moment that I realized, I am my mother, my sister and every other courageous woman in the world that has given birth in their lifetime. The crazy part is that my bladder wasn't even full... the sensation to yet again, relieve myself had not presented itself. It just happened.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pregnant... and yes, I may pee my pants.
But, I will be a better mother for it.


Baby Love

Today was a special day. I was at work, and this feeling kept eating at me all day. I needed to see my baby! I haven't seen much, other than a flicker of a heartbeat. So, I asked one of the Drs. in the office if their was anything in this growing belly of mine. He said, "well, let's take a look and see!" The day got busy and far too overwhelming. With all the patients coming in and out of the office today, I was afraid to ask the Dr. if we could still do the ultrasound. Finally, I got the nerve to ask, and he had just a short window of time to do it. I was afraid it would be another void uterus, shown on the screen. But, this time it was very different. After just a few seconds, it appeared! Our baby was right in front of my eyes. I saw hands, legs, a body and a head with the most adorable little nose and mouth! Although, the features weren't fully developed, they were there and they were part of my doing. The baby was kicking and flailing it's arms all over the place, going from side to side and then up on it's head! With that vision, I'm a little concerned at how active and capable this child will be. All in all, it was a short but beautiful moment in my day. The only part that I would take back if I could, would be to have had my Andrew there to catch a glimpse of our creation. Next week I have my first real doctor's visit and hopefully we will do an ultrasound with Daddy present.


Turkey Time!

For Sunday supper, I took my first stab at a turkey dinner. Since it's just the two of us, I roasted a 4 lb. turkey breast, prepared mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green beans and rolls. It wasn't what I would call magnificent or the best meal I've ever made, but it was edible. The turkey was very moist and tasty, but I burnt the rolls and accidentally left the burner on when finished mashing the potatoes... which created a lovely brown layer on the bottom of the pot. Other than that, it was pretty tasty. I think I'll use the leftover turkey for a nice warm soup on a cold day this week.


Weekend of Events

On Friday night, Andrew and I were determined to attend our Ward's Christmas Party. We've been in the ward since August but still only know a handful of people, which for those of you that know me- is quite unusual. When I asked Andrew what time the party started, he said 5:30pm. When we arrived "on time" only a few cars were there for set up. I checked my handy dandy planner and it said 6pm. We went back home (only 2 mins away) and then went back at 6pm. We were both surprised to find out that we were both wrong. It started at 6:30pm! Our Bishop and ward presented a delicious meal and it was a great time, had by the Armitage's.

Saturday morning, Andrew was up and working on his history paper, while I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in until 10am. Sleeping in past 9am until this prego state kicked in, was pretty rare. Now, I am ALWAYS willing to sleep... anytime, anywhere.

The rest of the day, Andrew and I attacked a long list of errands to run, including Christmas shopping, a clarinet instruction book for Andrew so he can start playing again, nursing bras for me because I have unnecessary bulges coming out from all over the place, and of course- a long overdue trip to Costco for polish dogs. The polish dogs were heavenly, by the way.

The rest of our day concluded of a nap for me, more homework for Andrew and watching You've Got Mail together... how appropriate considering how we met.

Tomorrow we have church and I'm making our very own turkey dinner- considering we didn't get any of our own leftovers last week. Then, some of our friends in Andrew's unit are having a birthday party for their 1 year old, Kennedy. Yay!



My first meal in the Armitage home was Brenda's tasty Chicken Curry. I enjoyed it so much that I made sure to get the recipe from my fabulous Mom-in-Law. I tried making it last night but didn't have some of the ingredients. So tonight, I took a shot at it! I knew I suceeded when Andrew said it tasted just like his Mom's! I am a proud wife.
P.S. It's not spicy :) Just rich in flavor! Yummmm-O!!!

Chicken Curry

3 Tbsp butter
1/4 cup minced onion
1 1/2 tsp curry powder
3 Tbsp flour
3/4 tsp salt
3/4 tsp sugar
1/8 tsp ground ginger
1 cup chicken broth or 1 chicken bouillon cube dissolved in 1 cup hot water
1 cup milk
2 cups diced cooked chicken
1/2 tsp lemon juice
3 to 4 cups cooked rice (1 cup uncooked)

Melt butter over low heat in heavy saucepan (I used a wok). Saute onion and curry in melted butter. Blend in flour and seasonings. Cook over low heat until mixture is smooth and bubbly. Remove from heat. Stir in chicken broth and milk. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Boil 1 minute. Add chicken and lemon juice. heat.

4 servings.

*I dont use cooked chicken...I defrost chicken breasts, cut them in cubes and throw them in when the sauce is bubbly and let em' cook for about 15 to 20 minutes.

'Tis the Season

First wrapped Christmas presents of the year. Bring it on.

My Baby Love

I am 9 almost 10 weeks along now and starting to get a hang of this prego gig. I haven't been sick, just sleepy and hormonal... which if you ask the husband, I'm not sure which one is better. Our baby is growing from a grape at 9 weeks to a lime at 10 weeks. Can you believe it?! A lime! Ladies and Gentlemen, a lime is big news! I can't believe how fast my belly is growing. It amazes me how much my body has changed in just such a short time.

Favorite Foods in Week 9:

- Pineapple/Guava Popsicles

- Fruit Roll Ups

- Orange Juice w/ LOTS of pulp

- Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

FYI: Don't eat 8 oranges in a 24 hour period. It's not pretty.

LONG Over-due Post

Dad's Zen

Spring Rolls... that were burnt.

Dad, Mom & Andrew

My handsome man in his festive sweater

I have been dreading catching up on our blog, because I am so behind on my posts!
So here it goes!
For Thanksgiving, Andrew and I flew out to Oregon to spend the holiday with family. It was full of many F's, as Dad and Andrew decided. Fun, Family, Friends, Food and Football... oh, and a very FULL belly.
I got to surprise everyone with my growing prego belly, which they didn't believe was real until I could show them in person. I was glad to set the record straight! It was so relaxing to eat, nap and spend time with my favorite people.

On Thanksgiving Eve, the couples went to see Twilight which was mostly a joke for the guys, but a treat for us girls. Unfortunately, the guys were right... can we say, "Cheese, Please?" After the flick, we all went to Rose's Deli & Bakery. While we waited for our food, we analyzed and laughed about the featured film of the evening. It's so fun to be part of the married club in the family now. Not to mention, everyone adores Andy-roo.
The next day, we woke up and had yummy elephant ears that Mom whipped up. Then we were off to check out the Milne/Christensen basketball game. I can't believe how big all my girls are getting, but they are excellent athletes! Of course the Ky-Guy was right in there with the best of em', getting run over a few too many times.

After cheering the family on, we headed home to help get ready for the bird feast. We decorated the tables and helped cook, while dancing and singing to the age old family cd of "The Oakridge Boys Christmas." Those songs are the epitome of the holiday season.

On our last day in Oregon, I had a traditional leftover turkey sandwich for breakfast, finished packing, and we were off to The Saturday Market in downtown Portland. We saw lots of creative people and artists. After finding some fun christmas gifts, we were off to the airport.

The trip was a success and too short in my opinion. I can't wait to return for Christmas!