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I have been dreading catching up on our blog, because I am so behind on my posts!
So here it goes!
For Thanksgiving, Andrew and I flew out to Oregon to spend the holiday with family. It was full of many F's, as Dad and Andrew decided. Fun, Family, Friends, Food and Football... oh, and a very FULL belly.
I got to surprise everyone with my growing prego belly, which they didn't believe was real until I could show them in person. I was glad to set the record straight! It was so relaxing to eat, nap and spend time with my favorite people.

On Thanksgiving Eve, the couples went to see Twilight which was mostly a joke for the guys, but a treat for us girls. Unfortunately, the guys were right... can we say, "Cheese, Please?" After the flick, we all went to Rose's Deli & Bakery. While we waited for our food, we analyzed and laughed about the featured film of the evening. It's so fun to be part of the married club in the family now. Not to mention, everyone adores Andy-roo.
The next day, we woke up and had yummy elephant ears that Mom whipped up. Then we were off to check out the Milne/Christensen basketball game. I can't believe how big all my girls are getting, but they are excellent athletes! Of course the Ky-Guy was right in there with the best of em', getting run over a few too many times.

After cheering the family on, we headed home to help get ready for the bird feast. We decorated the tables and helped cook, while dancing and singing to the age old family cd of "The Oakridge Boys Christmas." Those songs are the epitome of the holiday season.

On our last day in Oregon, I had a traditional leftover turkey sandwich for breakfast, finished packing, and we were off to The Saturday Market in downtown Portland. We saw lots of creative people and artists. After finding some fun christmas gifts, we were off to the airport.

The trip was a success and too short in my opinion. I can't wait to return for Christmas!

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The Lathrop's said...

too funny about the F's at Thanksgiving - we were thinking the same thing here that day! Glad you had a good time - nothing like family :o)