My Baby Love

I am 9 almost 10 weeks along now and starting to get a hang of this prego gig. I haven't been sick, just sleepy and hormonal... which if you ask the husband, I'm not sure which one is better. Our baby is growing from a grape at 9 weeks to a lime at 10 weeks. Can you believe it?! A lime! Ladies and Gentlemen, a lime is big news! I can't believe how fast my belly is growing. It amazes me how much my body has changed in just such a short time.

Favorite Foods in Week 9:

- Pineapple/Guava Popsicles

- Fruit Roll Ups

- Orange Juice w/ LOTS of pulp

- Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

FYI: Don't eat 8 oranges in a 24 hour period. It's not pretty.

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Brown Family said...

I remember at 2months I was also in shock by the fast growing baby! Go to http://pregnancy.baby-gaga.com/calendar/ and signup for a weekly updates, its amazing how much youll learn!