Weekend of Events

On Friday night, Andrew and I were determined to attend our Ward's Christmas Party. We've been in the ward since August but still only know a handful of people, which for those of you that know me- is quite unusual. When I asked Andrew what time the party started, he said 5:30pm. When we arrived "on time" only a few cars were there for set up. I checked my handy dandy planner and it said 6pm. We went back home (only 2 mins away) and then went back at 6pm. We were both surprised to find out that we were both wrong. It started at 6:30pm! Our Bishop and ward presented a delicious meal and it was a great time, had by the Armitage's.

Saturday morning, Andrew was up and working on his history paper, while I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in until 10am. Sleeping in past 9am until this prego state kicked in, was pretty rare. Now, I am ALWAYS willing to sleep... anytime, anywhere.

The rest of the day, Andrew and I attacked a long list of errands to run, including Christmas shopping, a clarinet instruction book for Andrew so he can start playing again, nursing bras for me because I have unnecessary bulges coming out from all over the place, and of course- a long overdue trip to Costco for polish dogs. The polish dogs were heavenly, by the way.

The rest of our day concluded of a nap for me, more homework for Andrew and watching You've Got Mail together... how appropriate considering how we met.

Tomorrow we have church and I'm making our very own turkey dinner- considering we didn't get any of our own leftovers last week. Then, some of our friends in Andrew's unit are having a birthday party for their 1 year old, Kennedy. Yay!


Christensen Family said...

Aww, how sweet. Guess what? We had polish dogs for dinner tonight. I know, can you believe I ate one? Well, sounds like things are going great. We can't wait to see you again. Is your tummy getting bigger?

A and K said...

Who know's. To me, it's just big. lol But I think it's pretty much the same as when you saw me last. Maybe it will be bigger by the time I see you again in 2 weeks! How's your haircut treatin' ya? Love you!