Marine Life, Marine Wife

This weekend, Andrew had drill and was dreading it all week. The poor guy has finals and the stress of everything else... the last thing he wanted to do was go to drill. On top of that it was three days long... spent mostly outside, with a snow storm awaiting their arrival. I had lots of errands and tasks planned to keep me occupied, but on Friday night I couldn't help but sit in my own hormone-induced puddle of tears. It was occasional tears throughout the evening, but when he called me at 10pm when he was finally finished for the night, I just broke down. He handled it well, and although I'm sure the last thing he wanted was to sit on the phone with a weeping wife, he transitioned from exhausted Marine to sensitive husband in impeccable timing. I admire him so much for doing his duty even though it is so difficult for him.

The next couple of days weren't as tough. Last night I got together with the Marine wives, which is always such a relief. They know exactly how I feel, and help me to understand our husbands more. They are true veterans, having had babies while our boys were gone and lead their families with such strength in their absence. We were able to just talk. I love these women, and am so lucky to have been welcomed and guided into the life of a Marine wife.

Andrew was supposed to be home an hour ago, but one of the wives just text me and told me that they are finally on their way! Good thing I have his favorite Curry and peas on the stove, so at least he will get one satisfying meal this weekend.

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