Best Hubby Award

On Wednesday night, Andrew won the all time BEST Hubby Award. How... you ask??!! Well, let me tell you! I've always known that I have a sweet and caring husband, but he went above and beyond. I had somewhat of a long day at work and was SO ready to go home and relax. I pulled into the driveway and headed down to our "rabbit-hole" when Andrew rushed out and told me to go back out to the car and wait for a few minutes. I obeyed, thinking that there was probably a mess in the apartment that he wanted to tidy up before I got a look at it.

I waited in the car... not really understanding what was going on and then he popped out and said I could come in. He was acting kind of sneaky and like he was up to no good... again, I thought he was making a mess inside. When I got downstairs and walked into our apartment, I was surprised with a candle-lit room, a homemade dinner on the table, fresh flowers and our song playing in the background. Of course I "ooohed" and "awwwed" and then he started dancing with me in our kitchen. We sat down to eat dinner which was so yummy! He prepared sausage primavera pasta and then fresh mozzarella with tomatoes on basil topped bread. SO GOOD! That's right, my man can cook! AND... then he told me that their was a movie playing, so we watched a new movie that he rented (Eagle Eye) and to top it off- we had mint chocolate chip ice cream... which is my latest favorite flavor!

Mind you Ladies... this was no special occasion... or even an apology. Just a typical Wednesday that turned in to the most romantic evening! I have never been treated so royally and especially taken by surprise.

I am so grateful to have such a thoughtful husband who does things... just because. What a man.


Marine Corps Family Day

Andrew had drill weekend over the last three days and although it was extremely tough... as always, he was able to come home each night and crash in his own bed. What a luxury! It was so nice to see him! While at drill, he started the unit transfer process and found out that he will need to attend the next drill in February to finish up paperwork and returning gear.

Sunday was the annual Family Day with Andrew's company. Andrew left the base and picked me up and then we were off to Camp Williams. We heard several presentations and then ate hamburgers and hot dogs... which I had one of each, of course. Then I got to see some of the vehicles that Andrew has spent lots of time using. The best part was seeing our friends in the company that will be greatly missed when we move to Oregon. The families that I have met are amazing examples of strength and reality. I have learned SO much from them!

It was such a nice event to end the boys' drill weekend. They let them leave with their families whenever they were finished! What a weekend.


Movin' On Up... to the Northwest!

Andrew and I have decided to make "the BIG move" and head on up to Oregon. We are excited for this new chapter in our story and have the faith that our prayers are being answered. Since our decision was officially made on Monday, our landlords have been extremely understanding and already have people lined up to look at our apartment. Also, both of our wonderful jobs here in Provo have been supportive and cooperative since hearing the news. Andrew has a job awaiting with Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning, thanks to the wonderful Andrus's- my second family :) My family is excited and supportive to help and have us near them. With every day that has gone by, more and more has taken place- confirming the ease that will come with this move.

Andrew will be attending his last drill with his unit here in Utah- this weekend. On top of that, it is the Family Drill where families are invited to have lunch with the boys and socialize. I'm excited and sad to bid my goodbyes to the wonderful wives that have introduced me to the lifestyle of a Marine wife. I am truly grateful for their welcoming hearts and homes on lonely drill weekends.

Anticipating when all this madness will begin?! Our last day of work at our current jobs will be Friday, January 23rd. The following weekend, Daddy Milne will be flying in to venture out on the open road with Andrew and drive our CR-V, while Andrew will drive pull our Concorde with a U-Haul truck. We are well aware of the risk being taken on the roads at this time of year, on this particular route from Utah to Oregon. But, I am assured that these men will make wise driving choices and arrive safely. I on the other hand, will be traveling Kacie-Style... by plane, of course! Actually, I preferred to join the road trip but the loving parentals were not mutually thrilled about that idea... considering my prego state. Hence, the "leaving on a jet plane" method of travel.

Considering Andrew and I have spent our last couple years here in Utah with the exception of Andrew's Iraq deployment, we have grown to really enjoy the life and people here. Personally, I have gained friendships that will last me a lifetime. It will be difficult to leave some very special people, but I am excited to begin our family, with family in Oregon.

Bon voyage Provo... and look out Sherwood, here we come!


The Nine Lessons by Kevin Alan Milne

My talented brother Kevin is an amazing author and is scheduled to release his second book, "The Nine Lessons" in May of this year. My Mom was sneaky enough to snag Kevin's a pre-released copy for Andrew to read. Mom felt that it would be perfect for Andrew to read, considering the main character August, is expecting his first child. Through the analogies of golf and life, August learns quickly from his father how to prepare himself for the changes that will soon take place.

At this time in my life where Andrew and I are experiencing the very real occurrences in the story, it was so comforting for me to have some insight from my husbands point of view. I now sympathize and have a better understanding of what my husband has to put up with for 9 months. Similar arguments, stresses and miscommunication have taken place in our marriage since we learned that we were expecting. Each of the nine lessons that London (August's father) teaches him, taught me so much about life and love. I appreciate my husband even more, now that I recognize some of the little things that he does for me, just to make my life easier. I love my husband and know that after reading this book, we are both better people and better partners in our marriage.

The Nine Lessons will make you laugh, cry and best of all, learn.


Reunited And It Feels So Good

Today I got to visit with my friends Britnee and Erin, whom I haven't seen for years! So much has taken place in the last two years that catching up consumed our entire 4-hour visit. You really know who your true friends are when you can lose touch and don't see each other for long periods of time, but when reunited- not a day has passed. I love these girls and am so happy for the way their lives have progressed since we last saw each other. Marriage, world traveling, babies on the way and much more. It's so excited to see the ones you love, live out their dreams and share in the celebration.

Baby Love

Ladies and Gents: We've got a lemon on our hands! Or should I say... in my uterus!

It has been 14 weeks and our lil bugger is 3 1/2 inches and weighs about 1 1/2 ounces. Our baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee and possibly suck its thumb!

With all the stress and commotion of the holidays, I have been pretty exhausted as usual. My sleeping habits are about the same... naps whenever I can fit them in and solid nights of snoozing with multiple potty runs.

While my resting habits are steady, my moods are another story. All I can say is, poor Andrew. One moment I'm laughing and the next I'm in tears with my feelings hurt. It's an ongoing roller coaster that wears not only my husband out, but even myself!

Favorite Eats in Week #14:
Corn dogs
Cottage cheese with canned peaches
Fruit - especially Clementines
Diet Coke... a daily must.


Home for the Holidays

For our first Christmas together, Andrew and I traveled to Oregon for a much needed holiday vacation and time with family. We left on a flight December 21st crossing our fingers that we would make it before the snow storm that was predicted to hit. I wasn't too worried, since our flight was earlier in the AM and figured we would beat the weather conditions. Unfortunately, I was highly mistaken. We ended up getting diverted to Boise and stuck there for 3 days... enjoying the first few days of our vacation testing out beds and complimentary toiletries in multiple hotels, getting sore buns in the luxurious seating accomodations all over the Boise Airport and last but not least- relishing in the fine dining of fast food joints in most all of the concourses. Boy, was it an "adventure" as Pops Armitage referred to our journey home. After considering our few options, we ended up flying to Seattle which wasn't much better than Portland and my gracious Uncle Kevin picked us up, opened his home to us and then drove us to Portland. It was such a relief to see a familiar face. The drive was rocky and a bit dangerous, but in the end- we made it. Oh, and the best part was that our luggage was MIA. No one could tell us where it was or when we would be reunited with our belongings, and more importantly- our CLEAN UNDERWEAR!
We finally got to Sherwood and in the comfort of what had once been my childhood home was
transformed into the North Pole. As most of you know, this is an annual tradition that proves my Mothers' motto: "Anything worth doing, is worth over-doing." This has been the story of my life, as my mom never does the bare minimum. Over the years she has accumulated 18 trees in our home, at least one in every room- with appropriate themes of course. For example, the kitchen has a cooking tree, the family history room has a "family" tree with everyone's photos on it, the spare bathroom has a girly theme, the "Pooh" room (not to be confused with the bathroom) has a Winnie the Pooh Christmas theme and our room was the Snowman room- filled with more Snowman decor than anything you can imagine. The banisters are always beautifed to the max, with poinsettias lining each stair. One room is dedicated to her collection of nativity sets, some traditional, others modern and even foreign interpretations. Of course the most memorable portion of the house is the collection of Santa's. She has thousands covering Christmas trees, window sills, end tables, and as much furniture as possible. Each Santa has it's own story or coming about in the collection and Kyler's favorites were the interactive Santa's. Ya know, the ones where you can "push/press here." The kids always manage to turn as many of them on as possible, creating a choir of chaos.
On Christmas Eve we started a tradition of exchanging a set of pajamas for each other. It was fun to have new jammies! I want to do it for our family in all the years to come.
My favorite part of the holiday was having our own little Christmas in the morning before everyone joined together for the activities for the day. On We had stockings for each other and a few gifts. We set a spending cap on presents this year as we don't have much but I was sneaky and planned for the best Christmas surprise ever! As most of you read in a previous posting, Andrew has been wanting a Compound Bow for the last few months. He has not let one day go by without mentioning his NEED for this toy. I made it very clear that we could not afford it and that he could set a little aside every month to eventually save up for one. Little did he know, I purchased one the same day that he tested one out for the first time. I had it sent to my parents' house and had been hoping to surprise him ever since. Boy, was he surprised! He had no clue! It was the best moment ever. He has thanked me every day since Christmas for his bow. It was like watching Ralphie open his Red Rider BB gun on The Christmas Story. I will never forget the look on his face!
Overall, it was a wonderful holiday and a successful for Christmas together.