Marine Corps Family Day

Andrew had drill weekend over the last three days and although it was extremely tough... as always, he was able to come home each night and crash in his own bed. What a luxury! It was so nice to see him! While at drill, he started the unit transfer process and found out that he will need to attend the next drill in February to finish up paperwork and returning gear.

Sunday was the annual Family Day with Andrew's company. Andrew left the base and picked me up and then we were off to Camp Williams. We heard several presentations and then ate hamburgers and hot dogs... which I had one of each, of course. Then I got to see some of the vehicles that Andrew has spent lots of time using. The best part was seeing our friends in the company that will be greatly missed when we move to Oregon. The families that I have met are amazing examples of strength and reality. I have learned SO much from them!

It was such a nice event to end the boys' drill weekend. They let them leave with their families whenever they were finished! What a weekend.


Kevin Milne said...

Andrew gets to play with the coolest toys...humvees, tanks, not to mention compound bows. I'm jealous!

A and K said...

haha Yeah... lots of toys. But, he's not a famous author! P.S. did you get your book we sent back? Love ya!