The Nine Lessons by Kevin Alan Milne

My talented brother Kevin is an amazing author and is scheduled to release his second book, "The Nine Lessons" in May of this year. My Mom was sneaky enough to snag Kevin's a pre-released copy for Andrew to read. Mom felt that it would be perfect for Andrew to read, considering the main character August, is expecting his first child. Through the analogies of golf and life, August learns quickly from his father how to prepare himself for the changes that will soon take place.

At this time in my life where Andrew and I are experiencing the very real occurrences in the story, it was so comforting for me to have some insight from my husbands point of view. I now sympathize and have a better understanding of what my husband has to put up with for 9 months. Similar arguments, stresses and miscommunication have taken place in our marriage since we learned that we were expecting. Each of the nine lessons that London (August's father) teaches him, taught me so much about life and love. I appreciate my husband even more, now that I recognize some of the little things that he does for me, just to make my life easier. I love my husband and know that after reading this book, we are both better people and better partners in our marriage.

The Nine Lessons will make you laugh, cry and best of all, learn.


Kevin Milne said...

Nice review! Thanks! By the way, do you know where that advance copy went to? If you have it, I'll trade you Andrew's Saints & Soldiers for it. :-) I'm planning another giveaway, but I need that copy in order to do so. Thanks!

A and K said...

haha sorry! Yes, I have it and am planning on having Andrew pop it in the mail tomorrow! Deal? Love you!