Movin' On Up... to the Northwest!

Andrew and I have decided to make "the BIG move" and head on up to Oregon. We are excited for this new chapter in our story and have the faith that our prayers are being answered. Since our decision was officially made on Monday, our landlords have been extremely understanding and already have people lined up to look at our apartment. Also, both of our wonderful jobs here in Provo have been supportive and cooperative since hearing the news. Andrew has a job awaiting with Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning, thanks to the wonderful Andrus's- my second family :) My family is excited and supportive to help and have us near them. With every day that has gone by, more and more has taken place- confirming the ease that will come with this move.

Andrew will be attending his last drill with his unit here in Utah- this weekend. On top of that, it is the Family Drill where families are invited to have lunch with the boys and socialize. I'm excited and sad to bid my goodbyes to the wonderful wives that have introduced me to the lifestyle of a Marine wife. I am truly grateful for their welcoming hearts and homes on lonely drill weekends.

Anticipating when all this madness will begin?! Our last day of work at our current jobs will be Friday, January 23rd. The following weekend, Daddy Milne will be flying in to venture out on the open road with Andrew and drive our CR-V, while Andrew will drive pull our Concorde with a U-Haul truck. We are well aware of the risk being taken on the roads at this time of year, on this particular route from Utah to Oregon. But, I am assured that these men will make wise driving choices and arrive safely. I on the other hand, will be traveling Kacie-Style... by plane, of course! Actually, I preferred to join the road trip but the loving parentals were not mutually thrilled about that idea... considering my prego state. Hence, the "leaving on a jet plane" method of travel.

Considering Andrew and I have spent our last couple years here in Utah with the exception of Andrew's Iraq deployment, we have grown to really enjoy the life and people here. Personally, I have gained friendships that will last me a lifetime. It will be difficult to leave some very special people, but I am excited to begin our family, with family in Oregon.

Bon voyage Provo... and look out Sherwood, here we come!


rlmquest said...

So exciting!!!! We are so happy that you will be near us!

A and K said...

Thanks for your support! I know it's sudden and almost insane, but we're really excited!

Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

wait! I object! We just got you! Okay, okay, i'm excited for you, but sad to see you go! We'll have to schedule a packing party with some gals from the ward, just tell me when!

A and K said...

Thanks Lucia! You are the best :) I'll hit you up on that offer when the time gets closer :) Have a fab day!