Baby Havin' Time!

We are officially in our 40th week and as antsy as can be! I have tried every natural method of induction possible. I am willing to try ALMOST anything. The keyword in that last sentence is ALMOST... as I have been given lots of advice from birthing veterans and frankly some are just WAY out there... for even me... a very desperate and anxious preggo. I won't list all of the suggestions... as this is a family blog *wink *wink... but trust me, some women will really do ANYTHING to get things movin' and groovin' in the labor department.

Last night, I finally fell asleep around 1:30am and then woke up at 3am... watched 3 movies, returned to bed- tossed and turned... gave up and went for a 1-hr walk with Sumo. On a positive note, I felt empowered and rejuvenated after walking! Then, Andrew and I went to Massage Envy- using the last massage on my membership. I have been looking forward to this massage and saving it for the most miserable of times! I'm pretty sure that an extreme lack of sleep + 40 weeks of pregnancy + labor pains, body aches, a swollen silhouette and labor-hypochondria = "most miserable of times."

I can honestly say that it was the best prenatal massage I have received since I started my 6-month membership! I asked her to hit the pressure points for induction and she was fabulous. She started with my back and by the time she moved onto my legs, I was already having contractions. I never thought that I would appreciate an infliction of pain that I paid for! Unfortunately, the contractions slowed down about 20 mins. after the massage was finished but I was determined to hold on to this painful motivation! We headed home and went for another walk!

Current Status: cramps, lower back pain and baby is low low low

***I intend on going for another walk this evening!


Positive Alternative

Ever since we found out that our midwife was going to be out of town the week of Londyn's due date, Andrew and I have been discussing our options in feeling more comfortable with the situation.

I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Cynthia Caraballo, who is the doctor that will be covering for our midwife until Monday, July 6th. I was eager to meet the doctor that might possibly be delivering our baby. She was very candid and understanding. I was so impressed with her ability to make me feel comfortable and at ease.

Although it is bitter-sweet, I want to have Londyn as soon as she's ready (preferably NOW) but I also hope that our midwife, whom we've been receiving care from this entire time... will be able to deliver our baby. Either way, I know we will be in good hands and surrounded by loving family and friends! We can't wait for her arrival... 4 days until Londyn is due!


Castor Oil Cocktail

Castor Oil Induction Recipe:
  • 2 oz of Castor oil mixed with a large glass of juice.
  • Plug nose and chug!
While spending time with my mom and sisters today, I decided that I was going to try Castor oil. They tried it with some of their pregnancies and it worked!

Old Wives Tale? Maybe.
Am I desperate? Heck, yes- I am!

I mixed 2 oz of Castor oil and a HUGE glass full of orange juice, stirred well... plugged my nose and chugged. Gulp! Gulp! Gag... Gulp! It was probably the closest thing to a Fear Factor challenge that I have and will ever participate in. I tried to imagine it being my favorite new treat, a Strawberry Colada from Taco Bell. Did it work? Not one bit.
I know that Castor oil is a common attempt at inducing labor and has worked for many women. I was sure that I would be included in that lucky group.
Unfortunately, Londyn is bound and determined to extend her stay in Hotel De Mama (aka MY BELLY).

Pamper the Preggo

For my sister Jenelle and sister-in-law Rebecca, it has been tradition for my mom to treat them to lunch at The Lavender Tea House and 4 Seasons Nails for pedicures. Lucky for me, the tradition continues! Today, all four of us has a fabulous time drinking yummy herbal teas, eating their famous scones and tea sandwiches and relaxing pedicures to follow. It was such a treat! My favorite was of course, the pedicure. I was tempted to haul one of their massage chairs right out of the salon and into my living room! The foot and leg massage was fabulous. Although it didn't last long enough, it was so enjoyable! In honor of Londyn's arrival, I had them paint my toes baby pink with a white flower and black stone in the center. Of course, my toes have to match Londyn's nursery!
Is their any other way?! I think not.

9 days and counting.

Yesterday, we had our last visit with Endre, our doula. It's hard to believe that we were meeting for the last time before the big day. She is always so informative and helpful in making us feel more and more comfortable with our anticipated birthing experience. I really appreciate her way of educating me of my options and what to expect. It is such a comfort to know that she will be there, in labor and delivery.

This morning I had my weekly check with the midwife. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see her today as her schedule was swamped, but I did see her nurse practitioner who I have seen in the past and have had great care, thus far. She answered my last few questions that I had about the birth and regular protocol. Routinely, she measured my belly, checked the baby's heartbeat and my cervix. Size and heartbeat are fabulous and show a big, healthy baby. As far as my cervix goes, minimal progress from last week but looking good. Londyn just keeps moving lower and lower. I don't need anyone to check me to know that... I could tell you myself that she is low! Low... as in right on top of my bladder!

All was fine and dandy... and a relatively quick visit. The usual was said, "we'll see you back in one week." As usual, I went to the front desk to schedule my next visit. The woman in front of me was also scheduling and the receptionist said, "Nan will be on vacation next week, are you comfortable seeing Tamara... the nurse practitioner?" Instantly, I froze... in fear of what I had just heard. When it was my turn, I quickly asked if she was going to be available to deliver my baby, considering I am due next Thursday. The receptionist gave me a blank stare... and said, "hold on just a sec." Now I was worried. Shortly after that, Tamara - the nurse practitioner came out and told me that a couple other practitioners would be covering for Nan, taking her call and delivering her babies. At this point in time... I was on the verge of tears.

How come this was never mentioned?
Why am I just finding out a week before my due date?
All this time, seeing and trusting my midwife... and now some stranger will be in charge of delivering our baby?

Of course, when I got out of the clinic and into the car... I was in tears. How could this be? I called my doula to figure out what I should do. She was very real in letting me know that I have every right to be upset, but unfortunately the situation is not going to change and now is the time to consider my options. It was a relief and a reality check that no, I can't change the given situation but under the circumstances- I do have options. I am going to do my research on the two midwives that are covering for her and I might even schedule a visit to meet them.

At this point, I'm feeling much better about the situation and am just grateful to have my husband, doula and family to be present and full of support.


Male Nesting

Today, Andrew woke up at 7:20AM with ants in his pants to tackle his to-do list. Mind you, he got home from work and was in bed only 5 hours prior.

As usual... I didn't sleep well throughout the night, and didn't really get out of bed until almost 10am. I was sweetly woken up by Andrew, as he was eager to show me what he had been up to for the past 2 1/2 hours. With my eyes closed, I was led to the back deck... where I surprised to find all of our new outdoor additions put together and displayed beautifully. What a makeover!

Already, it's looking so much better and we're not even finished!

Thanks to the Mr. we have a fabulous backyard! Many more projects in the works and already Andrew has started on the front yard with landscaping plans. I am so blessed to have such a handy man in my home. He can pretty much, do it all!


Happy Pop's Day!

I am so grateful for all the Father's in my life! In celebration of the holiday, I was so excited to spoil Andrew as much as I financially could.
One of the advantages of Andrew working at night is that I have time to take care of surprises while he's gone! I made a Home Depot run last Thursday and picked out a much wanted grill for the man in our house. I got an amazing deal! Plus, we get a 10% Military discount at Home Depot and Lowe's. With all of our home improvements lately, that discount has been such a blessing!

As far as today's celebration goes, we have church at 9am so I didn't have time to make him a hot breakfast in bed... but I did bring him doughnuts, fruit and juice for breakfast. Then, Andrew gave a beautiful talk in church... which was more of a gift to me! When we got home, a hot pot roast was finished and ready to eat! We enjoyed a yummy meal with sparkling grape cider. Yumm-o! Following dinner... a nap and then I sent him off to a night at work. Even though he had to work today, I hope he felt appreciated and truly celebrated. I am so thankful for his role in my life and home. He is already a wonderful father to our baby in sacrificing and preparing for her arrival. He brings me so much happiness and peace. I am truly a lucky woman.
I love you hunny!
Happy Pop's Day!


It finally happened! After almost 3 months of trying to sell our hot tub, we did it! We probably "sold" the dang thing 20 times... but this time the deal stuck. After a couple weeks of giving Craigslist a rest, I posted an ad again in the attempt to sell the hot tub that came with our house. We can't afford to run it and frankly, it was an eye-sore in our backyard.
Lots of people inquired... like usual, but one individual said he would pick it up Friday morning with cash in hand. Yes... we've heard this before, but this guy seemed very genuine and eager not to miss out on this offer. We scheduled a time and when Friday rolled around, he showed up with a trailer, 2 other men and payment. What a dream come true!

The backyard looks amazing already, just with that big lug of a hot tub, out of the way! We planned to use the money from the hot tub to make our backyard more presentable and inviting for guests. So far, we've added outdoor seating, a fire pit, tiki torches, a small dinette set for two and an outdoor rug. We found some amazing deals out there and couldn't pass them up!

When the backyard is finished, I will make sure to post pictures! It's transforming already!

Week 38: In a nutshell...

This past week has been quite the week. It is getting SO difficult to walk, move... and basically function. On Thursday morning I started getting strong pains and throughout the day, they proceeded to get more and more intense. My contractions were pretty far apart, but a dull pain existed in between. Finally, I was getting anxious and went to the clinic to have my midwife check my cervix. No progress. So all the pain was just a dress rehearsal. Since then, lots of discomfort and aches, but overall I'm still hangin' in there.

My shower was over a week ago, and since then I have been putting off the "putting away" of gifts. Half of the nursery floor was covered in items to be sorted and given a place of belonging. Did this task seem somewhat daunting? How about, frightening! Also, I have been putting off the packing of "the bag." Wouldn't you know it, Andrew's had his packed for a week now. Am I a slacker? Or maybe, just in denial. Either way, I'll take it. My mom has even volunteered repeatedly, offering to come help and even do the whole project! Well, Friday night rolled around and I woke up at 2:30AM... with a sudden urge to get the nursery in order. I spent almost 2 hours sorting, putting away and rearranging the room. Then, on Saturday- I packed my bag! I am ready to hit the hospital and get this show on the road! One slight problem... Londyn's feelings aren't quite mutual. Apparently, she's not ready yet. I think this lil' girl MIGHT... just might be more stubborn than her mother. Impossible... I know.


Providence Newberg Medical Center

Yesterday morning, Andrew and I took a tour of The Birth Center at the hospital where we will be delivering Londyn. We, along with about 9 other couples were given basic information on hospital policies and protocol, and then escorted around the maternity floor where we will be spending our most current life-changing experience. It is such a beautiful facility, filled with a very peaceful atmosphere. I liked the feeling of it being a smaller hospital, very accommodating birthing suites and friendly staff. The birthing suites allow you to experience each phase of childbirth- labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum- all in the same room. Each room has a jetted jacuzzi tub, refrigerator, robe, slippers and everything you could possibly need in the event of childbirth. From the description, it sounds like we're staying at the Marriott! Not exactly...

Overall, it was a very comforting and exciting experience. It was comforting to have an idea of what to expect and know our surroundings when the anticipated event arises, while also being exciting in the fact that we will be having a baby in this hospital!

Also, I really appreciated their policy in having all newly born babies in the room with Mom and Dad at all times. Although, fatigue and anxiety are inevitable postpartum, it is nice to know that our baby will be with us the entire hospital stay. We will know where she is, at all times and can go with her when any testing or checks are to be performed. The purpose for this policy is to allow baby to bond with his/her parents instantly. I am fully in support of that!

The nurse leading the tour told our group that she gives these tours once a month and they are notorious for seeing at least one couple return that evening... in labor! Considering we were the furthest couple along in pregnancy... I was sure that we would be the lucky couple. Of course, baby Londyn will arrive when she is ready... and that wasn't the case last night.


Donka Shane

I just finished writing and addressing all 42 Thank You cards within 28 hours of my baby shower! Is this rather obsessive compulsive act attributed to "nesting"... maybe. Maybe not. Either way... Man, does it feel good!


Baby Shower

I had such a fabulous time tonight! It was Baby Shower time! My dear friend Laura Jauzzi and sister Rebecca, threw me a beautiful shower. The decor was themed in pink, black and white... of course, to match Londyn's nursery! So many details were put into the event that made it that much more special.
My talented super Mom made the most adorable diaper cake which I will be displaying in the nursery for sure. AND... she made a bouquet of roses out of baby socks, accompanied by baby's breath and other greenery. So stinkin' cute!
Yummy foods including fruit, salads, sweet breads and punch were served. One of my favorite parts of the evening!
And last but not least, so many generous and thoughtful gifts were given. We received so many things that we needed for baby Londyn. Not to mention, all of the fun baby girl "necessities" as well. We were given lots of adorable outfits, toys, books and baby accessories... much needed diapers, wipes and hygiene items.
My favorite of all, was of course- my mothers' gifts. First, she gave me a quilt with a great amount of sentimental value. When I was 10 years old, my mom let me pick out my own fabric for a quilt. She then helped me to sew all of the blocks for the quilt, using a paper-piecing pattern. Somehow in the hustle and bustle of life... the project got tucked away and hasn't been seen since. Recently, my mom dug out the blocks and finished the quilt we had started together. Ironically, it is a perfect baby quilt. What a special gift. Londyn will enjoy snuggling up with this beautiful creation, made with lots of love from her Mama and Grandma.
The other two gifts that she gave us were "our" diaper bags! Yes, we picked out a diaper bag for me and a diaper "dude" bag for Andrew. Seeing as how he wasn't to fond of my leopard-print selection. My mom filled both the diaper bags with all of the necessities for the hospital. Andrew's is filled with snacks and travel sized hygiene items. It also comes with a matching changing pad, travel wipes container and pockets for baby needs. Mine is of course, leopard-print with a hot pink interior... filled with female hygiene items, diapers, wipes and the matching changing pad and accessory bags. Aside from the clothes we need to pack, we are all set for the hospital!

Preggo Check

Today, I was scheduled to have my weekly visit with our Nurse Midwife at 11am. Considering we are no where near "morning people" and Andrew gets home so late in the morning, we were running a tad bit late. All in all, we made it a few minutes late... lipstick on and both shoes matched. Phew!

Surprisingly, our tardiness didn't put us behind on the schedule and we got in right away. I peed in a cup for the bazillionth time and then hopped (not really... since I don't "hop" on anything these days) on the scale... and saw the dreaded numbers. It read $%#(just imagine a very large 3 digit number there)!!! Clearly this is a mistake. I have not REALLY gained THAT much. That would be preposterous! I will definitely be sending in a "piece of my mind" about their scales to the HR department.

Next, Nan (my midwife) arrived. She checked the baby's heartbeat. Good. Size? Good. Next... the dreaded cervix. Not as ripe as we would like... but hey, she's shifted even lower! Nan says that once I go into labor, it will go pretty fast because she is just so dang low! If only my cervix would do it's thang. She gave me some suggestions- walking, stretches... and marital activities. (Too Much Information? Deal with it.)

Next week: same thing... maybe we'll have some labor action before then! Wouldn't that be fabulous?

Tonight I have my baby shower and I am SO excited! This is one of the few parties I will be attending... for more than just the food!!!



Just moments ago, I received the terrible news that the daughter of my Bishop in Provo, died in a tragic car accident just yesterday evening. This Provo student ward I attended, was unlike any other because of the Lusvardi family. They were truly the adopted family of all the ward members. This family shared their home with everyone and anyone. I adore and appreciate Bishop and Sister Lusvardi. They have wonderful kids who always made us feel just like one of them.

Kristen always had a smile on her face and brought joy to everyone she came in contact with. I remember joking around with her and talking to her about her plans after high school. When I left, she was graduating HS and had plans to attend BYU Idaho. She was an outstanding young woman with such beauty and talent.

I am still in shock that this outstanding young woman's life was so suddenly taken, but I am deeply comforted to know that she is with her Heavenly Father. He is watching over her and will join together with her family again someday.

My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and especially the family of Kristen Lusvardi.


Today, we were able to meet with Endre, our doula for another visit to discuss birth plans. This time, Andrew was able to meet her and get to know more about her role in the delivery.

Prior to this visit, I have been getting more anxious, fearful and downright nervous about the birth. Whether I will be strong enough... what if something goes wrong? What if my anxiety becomes too overwhelming? All of these issues have been in the back of my mind lately, and Andrew usually puts out the fire by breaking down the given situation. "Yes... we are having this baby, and my body was created to birth a baby. It's going to happen... there's no turning back, and everything will be fine." Somewhere along those lines... is the typical "verbage" that goes along with Andrew's way of calming me down. Does this work? Yes. Usually it's only temporary as I am a worry wart and will continue to always be a worry wart.

Endre also went over a lot of items that we would have never even begun to put thought into, prior to the actual event- which is super helpful. This way we are more aware and prepared for the happening itself. I have always done better, having prepared and educated myself for situations... and this is definitely one I wouldn't want to neglect. Also, I have an appointment with our Nurse Midwife tomorrow, so it will be nice to go in with lots of questions and things discussed with our doula.

Overall, I am really happy we made the decision to have Endre for coaching and support. Considering we have never experienced this before, it's such a relief to have a 3rd party available with knowledge and advice.


Baby Love: 37 weeks

This next Thursday, I will officially be 37 weeks pregnant. And has it been a trip, or what?! It's been a roller coaster alright. I've felt joy, excitement, fear and shear stupidity. I've laughed... peed my pants, cried, even sobbed... complained, whined and complained some more. But, all in all- it has been quite the experience. My relationship with my husband has only grown closer as I love him for all that he does and doesn't do. He is so patient and willing with me that I truly feel stronger with him as my companion.

At this point in the pregnancy, it is rare to find a moment in which I am not uncomfortable. My body aches constantly. Lately, I have been experiencing lots of pelvic pressure and pains, leg aches, many Charley horses and lower back aches. Although it's growing more difficult to manage, it is so exhilarating to await the arrival of our very own precious baby girl. When I feel her movement in my belly, it is surreal. I can somewhat distinguish body parts and imagine holding her beautiful temple of a body in my arms.

I am definitely getting nervous about the labor and delivery. I don't know what to expect and am anxious about the whole event. We will be meeting with my doula Endre tomorrow and discussing further birth plans.

As much as we can be for first time parents, we are pretty much set for Londyn's arrival. Andrew has installed the car seat for when the big day arrives! Her room is finished and organized. Of course, one of the most important items on the list- her coming home outfit is picked out and ready. My baby shower is this Wednesday and I am so excited to see friends, family and celebrate Londyn. I can't believe that her time is almost here!

DPI Specialty Foods

Congratulations, to Andrew! He made it through the first full week of his new job! He is working as a Forklift Operator in a freezer warehouse that distributes specialty foods. He leaves the house bundled up in several layers and from what he's told me, his final get-up at work is somewhat similar to the Michelin man. He works between 9 and 12 long hours each day. It is swing shift, which has taken some getting used to- but for the most part, he has adjusted really well! It is a full-time position with benefits, which also includes a 20% discount on their products! I'm so proud of him and his hard work ethic. I am blessed to have a husband who contributes so much to our home and family. He is constantly getting things done and checking off another item on the list! I give all the credit to his parents as they are extremely hard working people who have taught their kids self-reliance and responsibility.


Last night- I was getting ready for bed as I usually do... collecting all of the belongings accumulated downstairs to be distributed upstairs. I then went to start running the water in the bath tub... as I take a bath every night... and found that the bath tub was still full of water. Unusually so, I placed the pile of random items in my right hand and reached down with my left to unplug the drain. Before I knew it, my cell phone and Andrew's precious iTouch fell into the cold bath tub water. Instantly, without a thought I grabbed the iTouch... dried it off with a towel and put my trusty hot pink blow dryer to work. Of course... moisture + blow dryer = completely fixed iTouch and a happy husband... WRONG. The iTouch was totally on the fritz and I knew my fate involved a lot of guilt and an unhappy man of the house. I placed it in front of a fan and prayed to the electronic gods that this story would have a happy ending. When he got home... I was putting forth my best effort in giving myself a pedicure. This involved a very preggo fat woman... maneuvering around her engorged belly to swipe a few brushes of paint on her swollen toes... in the efforts to possibly hide the fact that they're starting to resemble the feet of Miss Piggy. When he came home- I told him the bad news. He could tell how heartbroken I was for the accident. Surprisingly, he was not upset but just very disappointed. He had sold his precious projector to purchase this "toy" and used it frequently, every day! Boy, did I feel awful, not only because I had made such a horrific mistake... but also because he was incredibly gracious and forgiving. I plan to cut as much hair as it takes to purchase him another iTouch!