Positive Alternative

Ever since we found out that our midwife was going to be out of town the week of Londyn's due date, Andrew and I have been discussing our options in feeling more comfortable with the situation.

I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Cynthia Caraballo, who is the doctor that will be covering for our midwife until Monday, July 6th. I was eager to meet the doctor that might possibly be delivering our baby. She was very candid and understanding. I was so impressed with her ability to make me feel comfortable and at ease.

Although it is bitter-sweet, I want to have Londyn as soon as she's ready (preferably NOW) but I also hope that our midwife, whom we've been receiving care from this entire time... will be able to deliver our baby. Either way, I know we will be in good hands and surrounded by loving family and friends! We can't wait for her arrival... 4 days until Londyn is due!

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