Preggo Check

Today, I was scheduled to have my weekly visit with our Nurse Midwife at 11am. Considering we are no where near "morning people" and Andrew gets home so late in the morning, we were running a tad bit late. All in all, we made it a few minutes late... lipstick on and both shoes matched. Phew!

Surprisingly, our tardiness didn't put us behind on the schedule and we got in right away. I peed in a cup for the bazillionth time and then hopped (not really... since I don't "hop" on anything these days) on the scale... and saw the dreaded numbers. It read $%#(just imagine a very large 3 digit number there)!!! Clearly this is a mistake. I have not REALLY gained THAT much. That would be preposterous! I will definitely be sending in a "piece of my mind" about their scales to the HR department.

Next, Nan (my midwife) arrived. She checked the baby's heartbeat. Good. Size? Good. Next... the dreaded cervix. Not as ripe as we would like... but hey, she's shifted even lower! Nan says that once I go into labor, it will go pretty fast because she is just so dang low! If only my cervix would do it's thang. She gave me some suggestions- walking, stretches... and marital activities. (Too Much Information? Deal with it.)

Next week: same thing... maybe we'll have some labor action before then! Wouldn't that be fabulous?

Tonight I have my baby shower and I am SO excited! This is one of the few parties I will be attending... for more than just the food!!!

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LCM said...

OH My Gosh, with Buttercup, I slow walked on the treadmill forever, I ate spicy foods, but nothing worked. I don't know if we tried marital activities, but good luck! I mean, obviously she came out...