DPI Specialty Foods

Congratulations, to Andrew! He made it through the first full week of his new job! He is working as a Forklift Operator in a freezer warehouse that distributes specialty foods. He leaves the house bundled up in several layers and from what he's told me, his final get-up at work is somewhat similar to the Michelin man. He works between 9 and 12 long hours each day. It is swing shift, which has taken some getting used to- but for the most part, he has adjusted really well! It is a full-time position with benefits, which also includes a 20% discount on their products! I'm so proud of him and his hard work ethic. I am blessed to have a husband who contributes so much to our home and family. He is constantly getting things done and checking off another item on the list! I give all the credit to his parents as they are extremely hard working people who have taught their kids self-reliance and responsibility.

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Brendi68 said...

Awwww Kacie! You have me in tears! That was so nice of you to post that about us!