Last night- I was getting ready for bed as I usually do... collecting all of the belongings accumulated downstairs to be distributed upstairs. I then went to start running the water in the bath tub... as I take a bath every night... and found that the bath tub was still full of water. Unusually so, I placed the pile of random items in my right hand and reached down with my left to unplug the drain. Before I knew it, my cell phone and Andrew's precious iTouch fell into the cold bath tub water. Instantly, without a thought I grabbed the iTouch... dried it off with a towel and put my trusty hot pink blow dryer to work. Of course... moisture + blow dryer = completely fixed iTouch and a happy husband... WRONG. The iTouch was totally on the fritz and I knew my fate involved a lot of guilt and an unhappy man of the house. I placed it in front of a fan and prayed to the electronic gods that this story would have a happy ending. When he got home... I was putting forth my best effort in giving myself a pedicure. This involved a very preggo fat woman... maneuvering around her engorged belly to swipe a few brushes of paint on her swollen toes... in the efforts to possibly hide the fact that they're starting to resemble the feet of Miss Piggy. When he came home- I told him the bad news. He could tell how heartbroken I was for the accident. Surprisingly, he was not upset but just very disappointed. He had sold his precious projector to purchase this "toy" and used it frequently, every day! Boy, did I feel awful, not only because I had made such a horrific mistake... but also because he was incredibly gracious and forgiving. I plan to cut as much hair as it takes to purchase him another iTouch!

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Anonymous said...

Those situations are the worst! Even if they are accidents, we still feel oh-so terrible about them.
Maybe the electronic Gods decided he was spending too much time with his touch and worked through you? ha ha ha