Castor Oil Cocktail

Castor Oil Induction Recipe:
  • 2 oz of Castor oil mixed with a large glass of juice.
  • Plug nose and chug!
While spending time with my mom and sisters today, I decided that I was going to try Castor oil. They tried it with some of their pregnancies and it worked!

Old Wives Tale? Maybe.
Am I desperate? Heck, yes- I am!

I mixed 2 oz of Castor oil and a HUGE glass full of orange juice, stirred well... plugged my nose and chugged. Gulp! Gulp! Gag... Gulp! It was probably the closest thing to a Fear Factor challenge that I have and will ever participate in. I tried to imagine it being my favorite new treat, a Strawberry Colada from Taco Bell. Did it work? Not one bit.
I know that Castor oil is a common attempt at inducing labor and has worked for many women. I was sure that I would be included in that lucky group.
Unfortunately, Londyn is bound and determined to extend her stay in Hotel De Mama (aka MY BELLY).

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Brendi68 said...

Kacie....you crack me up!
Hotel De Mama! LOL