It finally happened! After almost 3 months of trying to sell our hot tub, we did it! We probably "sold" the dang thing 20 times... but this time the deal stuck. After a couple weeks of giving Craigslist a rest, I posted an ad again in the attempt to sell the hot tub that came with our house. We can't afford to run it and frankly, it was an eye-sore in our backyard.
Lots of people inquired... like usual, but one individual said he would pick it up Friday morning with cash in hand. Yes... we've heard this before, but this guy seemed very genuine and eager not to miss out on this offer. We scheduled a time and when Friday rolled around, he showed up with a trailer, 2 other men and payment. What a dream come true!

The backyard looks amazing already, just with that big lug of a hot tub, out of the way! We planned to use the money from the hot tub to make our backyard more presentable and inviting for guests. So far, we've added outdoor seating, a fire pit, tiki torches, a small dinette set for two and an outdoor rug. We found some amazing deals out there and couldn't pass them up!

When the backyard is finished, I will make sure to post pictures! It's transforming already!

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Brendi68 said...

cant wait to see pics!!